5 PowerPoint Tips to Build the Ultimate Presentation

The presentation is still very vivid in my mind, but for the wrong reasons.
A well-known keynote speaker at a conference on project management had decades of experience, a clear message and great stage presence. It was a truly cringeworthy presentation.
Every slide featured clip art or stock photos and dancing GIFs.
Although I don’t recall the message of his presentation I do remember the lesson of how not to use PowerPoint in presentations.
Presentations are a powerful communication tool within the project management software toolbox.
If you are tired of using clunky, stale design techniques and want to improve your presentations, I have compiled these tips from Microsoft’s website and Office 365 YouTube channel. They will show you how to create professional PowerPoint presentations in PowerPoint 2016 in Office 365.
This article is about PowerPoint tips for creating effective presentations. These concepts can be applied to professional presentations made on PowerPoint alternatives. Add attention-grabbing YouTube videos
Did you know that YouTube hosts more than 1 billion hours of video daily? Cisco predicts that video content will account for more than 80% internet traffic by 2021.
Whatever topic you are presenting, YouTube has a lot of quality videos to support it.
You don’t have to make your audience read long, boring text or look at dull charts when you can insert a video. Your audience is used to watching video content.
I recall a presenter who included a video of John Cleese’s motivational speech “The Importance Of Mistakes.”
The video clearly illustrated the position of the presenter, and the presentation stuck with me for all the right reason.

Inserting a YouTube video into Microsoft PowerPoint

2. Zoom between slides at light speed
The old way to navigate through your presentation was by clicking through each slide one at a time.
Zoom can change that.
Zoom allows you to zoom around your presentation and navigate to different slides, instead of clicking through each slide one by one.
You might want to quickly flash back on your first slide and then return to your position in the presentation. Zoom. You can also use Zoom to create a funny animated GIF (of Crying Jordan) that you hope will be hilarious and enlighten the audience. Zoom. You can also use Zoom to display a 360-degree view of all your slides at once. This is similar to a table of contents. Use a Summary Zoom.

Zoom for PowerPoint

3. Morph will amaze your audience
In the early 1990s, audiences were stunned by morph, a new computer graphics technique that transforms a T-1000 from a pool filled with mercury into a human. This was the same time Michael Jackson’s “Black Or White”, which opened minds to the fact that we are all very similar.
Morphing was a multi-million-dollar technology that was only available to major Hollywood production studios back in those days. Now, PowerPoint’s Morph feature allows you to seamlessly transition between slides using animations.
Morph is, in other words, a faster and easier way to do some of the animations tab tasks with less work.
4. Slides can be created using the Designer
Did you grow up as a child who was able to draw outside the lines and create your own artworks? Do you find yourself ignoring the teacher to create your own masterpieces at wine and paint nights? Designer might not be the right fit for you.
Designer is the best option if you have a clear idea of the text and images you want, but don’t have time or the ability to design the layout. Think about

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