AWS App Discovery Tool Now Available to Aid Migrations

The Application Discovery Service, which is a tool that aids in the migration enterprise apps to Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), is now officially available.
The service was announced last month at the Chicago AWS Summit. It “is designed to help to dig into your existing environments, identify the issues, and provide the information and visibility that is necessary to successfully migrate existing apps to the cloud,” AWS executive Jeff Barr stated in a blog last week.
The service offers a lightweight agent that can be installed on enterprises’ systems to collect information such as running processes, installed apps and packages, kernel data, memory usage, disk events and more.
Barr stated that this automates the tedious, slow, and complex process of finding enterprise assets and planning for a move to cloud. This is part of the four-step plan that was incorporated into the company’s Cloud Adoption Framework.
Barr stated that the agent can be run online or offline. It collects the information above and stores it locally for you to review. It uploads the information to Application Discovery Service via secure connection at port 443. The information is processed, correlated, and then stored in a repository that can be accessed via a new set CLI commands or API functions. The repository contains all the discovered, correlated information in a secured form.
The agent can be used on Ubuntu 14, Red Hat 6-6, CentOS 6-6, Windows 7 (Server 2008, Server 2012, Server 2012 R2), and Windows (Server 2012 R2, Server 2012, Server R2). We will be adding more options over time, so let us know what you need.
AWS APN Partners, AWS Professional Services and AWS Professional Services now offer the Application Discovery Service. Developers and users interested in the service can consult the user guide and API reference.

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