AWS AppSync now available for data-driven apps

AppSync, an Amazon Web Services tool for data-driven native mobile applications (and Web), was announced Friday. It is now ready for production.
AWS AppSync automatically updates data stored by iOS, Android JavaScript, and React Native apps. It provides real-time syncing functionality or offline functionality, which retrieves data after connectivity has been restored.
The API tool uses GraphQL, an open-source query language created by Facebook and made available openly in 2016. It allows users to request cloud-based data using this query language.
AppSync was presented as a preview at AWS reInvent conference last year. It was moved to production-ready status on Friday with new features. These include support for CloudWatch (AWS’s resource monitoring service), console log access to CloudWatch Logs entries, console testing with mock data, support for DynamoDB (AWS’s NoSQL database services) batch operations, and many more.
AWS AppSync’s pricing details as well as a developer guide can be found on the AWS website.

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