AWS Personal Health Dashboard: Improve Operational Excellence

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For any application, high availability and performance tracker are essential. It would be amazing if you could view all the services offered by a platform cloud in a dashboard that highlights usage, activity trackers, or other parameters.
Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most popular cloud platforms, offers a wide variety of services and tools. We will be discussing AWS Personal Health Dashboard (also known as AWS Health Dashboard) in this blog.
AWS Personal Health Dashboard displays all your services so you can view their performance and availability in a customized and personal way. It allows you to track the activities of the services and keeps you informed about any changes.
Customers who run critical applications need speed, agility, and real time alerts to help prevent any incidents from affecting their resources. It is crucial to ensure that customers’ applications run on AWS are available and reliable.
Let’s take a deep dive into this service to learn more.
Introduction to AWS Personal Health Dashboard
AWS Personal Health Dashboard provides a personalized view of your AWS resources, accounts and services. It provides guidance and alerts for AWS events that could affect your environment. It displays the most recent open events to assist you in managing running events. Notifications are also displayed proactively so you can plan the activities. The Personal Health Dashboard is available to all AWS customers.
AWS Personal Health Dashboard: Importance
The team was able to see an improvement in their AWS applications by working closely with customers. Customers spent a lot of time on their end troubleshooting issues such as buggy code or poor deployments. Or is this due to an AWS infrastructure issue? AWS listened to customers’ feedback and came up with a solution.
The Personal Health Dashboard

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Personal Health Dashboard View
The AWS Personal Health Dashboard displays the following information:
General service events: We can view the event name, affected area, service name, most recent updates, and a list AWS services that are affected.
You can view your account events.
Organization events: Here you can view all events, including recent, open, scheduled, and notifiable changes. You also have an event log that displays all events for the organization over the past 90 days.
Integration of AWS Health and AWS Organizations: You can view all accounts belonging to your company’s AWS Health account. These events can be used to monitor changes in resources, applications, or other services.

AWS Personal Health Dashboard: Advantages
Personalized view
Simple troubleshooting
Notification active
Integration with CloudWatch events
AWS health API
AWS Personal Health Dashboard has a subscription-based pricing structure. It starts at $29.00 for Developer, $100.00 for Business, and $15000.00 per Enterprise.
The AWS Personal Health Dashboard monitors both your personal and organizational activities and keeps track of any changes. It saves you time by only showing you the services that are available and sending notifications about the same.

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