Chat Reactions, Company Days Off, New Projects Page Header

Hello everyone! Welcome to your monthly ActiveCollab update! Last month, we discussed the in-app Chat, mobile app, and announced a new project overview, as well as additions, to the Chat. This is exactly what we are presenting this month: A new project overview
Improvements to In-App Chat
Mobile app enhancements
Improved sorting and filtering
Participants in the Early Access Program have the opportunity to try the new header on Projects page. The new header on the Projects page has many new options that allow you to sort, group, filter, and filter your projects. You can filter your projects by project leads or clients. You can also group projects by label, client, category and favorite. You can expand or collapse the groups to get a better overview. You can also sort them by project within the group or by group. You can get to know them best by trying them out. Let us know if you would like to join our Early Access Program. You will be able to test new features as they are developed and influence their evolution. In-app Chat: The latest improvements
We’ve also implemented chat message reactions, as promised! We know that reactions are a great way for tasks to be communicated, so we have expanded their reach. Another news: If you are away for a while and still have unread messages, an email will be sent to let you know how many and from whom. This will ensure that you don’t miss anything. Mobile app
September saw the addition of support for non-working day days to our mobile app. These are company-wide days off. Once these are set up, no one can take days off or use the date picker to schedule tasks. Download the app from the Play or App Store to get started collaborating on the move!
ActiveCollab’s September uptime was >99.9%. We remind you to reach out via email or Twitter if something isn’t working as it should. We will help you solve any problem!
October will see us busy delivering the Project page to all users, and improving it further. We will also add the @mention feature in our in-app chat and continue to work on Chat in our mobile app. Enjoy the October days and stay tuned for the next edition.

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