Column View is not so new, but it’s definitely improved

Many of our users awaited the Column View rework. The entire user interface was redesigned from the ground up, with many aesthetic improvements and performance upgrades. This update had two goals: to keep the interface the same for everyone who loved it, and to address all of the most requested features. Inside and out
This update focuses on the new design choices that we made and are visible from the outside. A fresh coat of paint
The new cards are smaller and more open, allowing for more content. This makes it easier to find task information. The new Done column, which automatically populates with completed tasks, is one of the most notable additions to Column View. The chronological order of completed tasks means that you will see the most recent tasks at top. However, you can still drag and drop them around as before. Dragging tasks to and fro from this column will mark them as completed or re-open them.
The most important update was the addition of real-time events to the Column View and significant improvements in load times for large projects. The Timeline and List views were not updating for more than a year. We finally decided to add this feature to the Column View. This was a major challenge in the development of the new Column View. This has been a problem that our team has worked hard on over the past few weeks. We feel that the issue has been resolved. However, we still have many improvements to make.
We also have some happy news to share. This is not the final version. ActiveCollab is a great project management software, and we have learned that listening to your feedback is crucial. We are open to your feedback on the new version. We are also going to roll out some minor tweaks that were already in our plans. Some of these tweaks can be found on our roadmap page. We’ll also be adding more options to edit task information (assignees, due dates etc.) over the next few weeks. You can access the cards directly. You can also create multiple tasks using the New Task dialog in column view by pasting task names on different lines. The column view will allow you to create multiple tasks from the New Task dialog by pasting task names in different lines. Project Management Frameworks and Methodologies
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