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We are on the brink of an economic recession with the unemployment rate rising to 14.7% in the United States in April 2020, and more than 40,000,000 Americans filing unemployment insurance claims.
Millions of professionals, even those in tech-related fields, are uncertain about their job stability. The ongoing COVID-19 epidemic is being blamed by the International Data Corporation (IDC), who estimates that IT spending worldwide will drop 5.1% in fiscal year 2019.
The recession will have an impact on IT, but certain areas such as cloud and infrastructure will continue to grow.
Although no job is perfect, these tech roles are crucial during times of crisis when companies need to change their strategies and achieve their goals. These IT positions, especially in recessions, can make a difference in your business’ success or failure.

Top 10 IT Jobs That Are Recession-Proof
Information security
Programmer / developer
Cloud administrator
Data analyst
Risk manager
Cloud architect
Administrator of the database
Help desk / tech support
Project / portfolio manager
DevOps engineer
1. Information security
Information security professionals are highly in demand. A (ISC2)2 study revealed that the cybersecurity workforce gap in America is close to 500,000, and 4.07 million globally.
Prior to the recession and pandemic there wasn’t enough security personnel to protect organisations. Budgets are shrinking, so information security cannot be ignored. Information and sensitive data can be easily stolen without security professionals. Recessions won’t force hackers and cybercriminals to put their computers away. Cyberattacks will not slow down in intensity and frequency.
Brad Puckett, Global Knowledge’s global portfolio manager for cybersecurity, is his title. He stated that cybercriminals view large-scale disruptions in daily life as opportunities. “Changes in position, posture, and circumstance can open doors and expose vulnerability, while workforce, infrastructure, and staff are strained, distracted.” Cybersecurity jobs are more secure and more valued as there is more uncertainty in an organization.
Data breaches are inevitable, but consumers aren’t willing to accept that their data could be at risk. IDC’s analysis revealed that 55% of consumers would switch platforms or providers if their data was at risk, while 78% would do the same if their data were directly affected.
The cybersecurity problem has become more severe as IT professionals increasingly access sensitive information remotely. Remote employees need a secure VPN connection to protect their data and ensure that they are encrypted.
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2. Programmer / developer
Your skills in HTML, JavaScript, and Python will make you more valuable. Web developers must be proficient in coding to design and build cutting-edge websites that optimize for user experience.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developer jobs will grow by 21% between 2028 and 2028. This is a faster rate than the average occupation.4 However a recession will not stop this growth. Programmers and developers are in high demand now and over the next few years. Programming languages proficiency will make you more attractive to potential employers.
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3. Cloud administrator
Cloud administrators need to ensure that their cloud infrastructure runs smoothly. Cloud administrators have many responsibilities.

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