How to do resource planning in Jira: My workaround and tips

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Jira resource management: This functionality is still missing in the project management software PMs hate to hate. Jira is a powerful tool, and that’s why we continue to use it. Jira makes it easy to plan projects, encourage collaboration and get insight into the progress of ongoing tasks, all without having to bother your team.
However, Jira software’s ability to perform at a micro level does not always translate into the big picture or the things that your senior stakeholders are most concerned about. You’re not the only one who has been disappointed by Jira’s resource planning capabilities.
If you have ever felt personally victimized because of Jira’s poor resource planning options, raise your hand. As I tried to organize Jira’s huge amount of data into an appropriate format that executives could use, I spent many hours cursing my computer screen. We’ll discuss the problems with Jira’s resource planning and offer some possible solutions.
Jira Resource Planning
Option 1: Export Jira Data into CSV
Option #2: Integrate Jira and a Data Visualization Application
Option #3: Integrate Jira and a Resource Planning App
Jira Resource Planning
Let’s begin by reviewing the Jira features that allow agile resource planning to be done, even though they are limited in scope.
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Jira Roadmap: Basic
This option was the first time I saw it in Jira. I’ll click that and generate a resource planning plan that I can quickly send to an executive.
My ignorance about the capabilities of project management software outside the box is what makes more experienced project managers laugh. What is the problem? The basic Jira roadmap looks basic. It displays the project epics. You can zoom in to see the child tickets.
Jira roadmap view basic view, showing project epics as well as associated child tickets. I briefly thought that the filter options might provide the additional detail I was looking for. You can filter by person to see who contributed, but Jira’s basic roadmap doesn’t offer a summary view per person.
Jira roadmap, basic view, filtered according to assignee. Jira argues that a project roadmap does NOT necessarily mean resource management. Project managers are greedy and wish that the software could do everything they want. Jira is primarily intended for issue tracking and not long-term planning.
Jira Roadmap: Advanced
You’ll get the advanced roadmap feature if your company purchases Jira Premium. Advanced roadmaps allow you to track work progress across multiple teams.
This screenshot shows the progress of epics for the Android Team as well as the iOS Team. Advanced Jira roadmaps allow for this level of detail. Advanced roadmaps have greater filtering capabilities that basic roadmaps. On a large software project, I used the component field to group Jira problems within a project. In Jira advanced roadmaps you can summarize ongoing work by component, which is not possible in Jira basic.
Jira advanced routes are a great way to get closer to the Jira resources planning capabilities. To see how many story points have been allocated to each sprint, you can access active sprints. However, you can’t track individual work.
This screenshot shows the progress of epics for the Android Team as well as the iOS Team. This level of detail can be achieved with Jira advanced routes. Jira advanced roadmaps are a great resource planning tool. Like your flaky fri

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