How to Find and Develop DPMs Who Can Manage Technical Complexity (with Matthew O’Bryant of Oomph Inc.

Matthew O’Bryant, VP, Professional Services at Oomph teaches you how to grow and hire DPMs that are technically competent enough to manage complex projects.

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Audio Transcription:
Galen Low
You’re interviewing someone who wants to be the next digital project manager in your company. While they tick a lot of boxes, they struggle to answer questions about the technologies they have used in the past. It was built in PHP or an ASPS? Can’t remember. Is it hosted on the cloud? Not sure. Is it caching or the CDN that caused the slowdown? Uhhhh…
You interviewed someone last week who could write a complete statement of work in Python but lacked the bedside manner to allow you to put them in front your clients. Are you being too picky? Are you being too picky? It is so difficult to find the right person for such a high-demand job. If you feel this is something that you can relate to, and if hiring a DPM feels more like catching a fly using a pair of chopsticks or riding backwards on a horse blindfolded, then keep listening. We’ll discuss the essential ingredients of a good DPM, and how to make your team your A-players.
Galen Low
Thanks for tuning in, My name is Galen Low with We are a group of digital professionals who want to help each other become more skilled, confident, and connect so we can deliver better projects. If you want to hear more about that, head over to
Galen Low
All right. All right. My guest today is a digital project manager who has worked in both digital agency contexts and technology in general for over 20 years. He has been in the digital world since his humble beginnings as an Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. He has also built large-scale ecommerce websites and marketing websites for large national brands. He is currently the VP of Professional Services for Oomph, which is located in Providence, Rhode Island. He is a passionate chef and is currently working hard to perfect his barbecue brisket recipe. He is also a member of the Boston Digital Project Manager Meetup Group.
Galen Low
Matthew O’Bryant, Folks, is here to welcome you. Hi, Matt.
Matthew O’Bryant
Hey. Hello. Hello. Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure to be with you.
Galen Low
It’s great to have your on the show. Yes, I look forward to talking with you.
Matthew O’Bryant
It’s great to have a conversation about project management with a fellow PM geek.
Galen Low
Absolutely. Today we’re going to geek out. Let’s start by telling the people about ourselves. You’ve made a remarkable climb from Digital Project Manager to become a member the Oomph leadership team. It’s been a lot blood, sweat, tears, I imagine.
Galen Low
So I thought I’d ask: Where do you get your inspiration?

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