How to Use a Money Clip Properly

How to Use a Money ClipEveryone knows how to use a money clip, right? You just put money and credit cards in it and off you go. But, wait, there is more. Like most things in life, there is a proper way to use a money clip that makes using your money clip even more efficient. Use the following 8 step process and you’ll never wonder if you are using your money clip correctly again.5 Step Process to Proper Money Clip EtiquetteStep 1: Order Your MoneyOrder you bills from largest to smallest with the larger bills on the bottom. If you carry $50’s or $100’s they would be the first bills you stack. $100’s first, $50’s second, $20’s third, $10’s forth, $5’s fifth and $1’s on top. Now you have your bills stacked appropriately. Ensure that they are as aligned and smoothed as possible.Step 2: Order Your Credit CardsDetermine which cards if any you want to be carrying in your money clip. Stack them in order of importance to you and then place them vertically on top of the stacked money pile you created in step one. Put the top of the credit card stack in the middle of the money stack.Step 3: Pocket StrategyDecide which pocket and which side of your money clip that you will have facing outwards. The outwards facing side is the side that you will have your credit cards and money facing.Step 4: Place Money & Credit Cards in your Money ClipFold the money stack over the credit card stack so that you have a neatly compacted pile of your essentials that you can easily now secure in your money clip. Place the items in your money clip with the credit cards facing so that when you take the clip out of your pocket you will not have to turn it over to see the front of the credit cards. The folded side of the stack should go in the money clip first.Step 5: Using Your Money ClipTo take money or credit cards out of your money clip you have two options. You can take everything out of the clip, get the card or bill you need, wait for change or for your card to be returned and then place everything back in your clip. Alternatively, if you need just a small bill or a credit card you can pull them from the middle fairly easily. This is one of the advantages of using a money clip with bills arranged in this manner. The smaller bills will always be in the middle so you can access them easily.

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