HP launches new QA certifications

Quality Assurance is an essential part of many IT operations and processes. It is no surprise that it is rapidly developing in a complex, self-sufficient area. The QA process is a review of products and processes before they are released to the public. This is done using a variety of specialized tools and processes, as well as their coordination.
There are many QA platforms and tools available, and the choice is dependent on your priorities, needs, and processes. However, HP’s solutions such as HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and HP Unified Functional Testing(UFL) are very popular with organizations and their QA personnel worldwide. Two certifications have been introduced by HP recently to validate the skills of those who use these tools. HP ATP – Application Lifecycle Management v12 addresses the use of HP’s ALM platform for QA support, while HP ATP – Unified Functional Testing v12 provides training to those involved in the preparation and execution of automated test cases.
Let’s take a closer look at these credentials.
HP ATP: Application Lifecycle Management v12
This certification certifies that you are able to deploy, demonstrate, use and manage the HP ALM platform in order to support all phases and quality management when working as a QA team member, or under the supervision, of a senior consultant. This certification validates your ability:
Create releases and release cycles
Analyze and manage the requirements
Test cases and test sets can be created and organized
Perform manual and automated testing
Track and record test execution results and defects
Configure version control libraries and baselines and use them
Use the Dashboard to generate reports and graphs.
Use PPT graphs and reports to assist with project planning and monitoring
Use the business process models
Plan for ALM implementation
Manage domains, projects, or templates
Plan project groups, users, permissions
Customizations for entities
Basic workflows should be implemented
Identify and use ALM extensions and integrations, including ALI and ALM synchronizer.
This certification is worth it!
This certification makes you a qualified QA consultant.
You can become a valuable member of your software development team by becoming certified.
Your IT career as a QA engineer, ALM administrator, or QA engineer starts with certification.
You will be able to use innovative technologies, methods, and approaches to transform the QA landscape.
HP ATP – Unified Functional Testing v12
This professional level certification certifies your knowledge of the workflow and tasks required to automate test cases using HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT). This certification is for testers, automation engineers, service specialists, and technical personnel who integrate GUI, API and BPT test automation. They create, enhance, run, and analyze the results of HP Unified Functional Testing. It is recommended that you have at least six months of UFT experience.
This credential confirms your ability to:
Discuss and plan automation tests with HP UFT
Describe HP UFT testing solutions for GUI, API, and BPT
Integrate HP UFT testing solutions into modular tests
Create basic GUI automated tests, and explain how HP UFT works for objects
Basic APIs created
Add verifications, checkpoints and parameterization to enhance basic tests
Analyze the results of UFT tests
Describe the HP UFT-QC/ALM integration, including its benefits and features.
Illustration of basic troubleshooting tools.
VBScript programming elements can be used to create advanced scripting techniques.
Recognize how to overcome automation problems in a Web environment
Use the HP UFT Automation object model
Service virtualization in HP UFT
This certification is worth it!
This certification is a significant milestone in your career as a QA Engineer.

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