I’m only good at HTML and CSS. Is there any chance I can get a ‘Grown-Up’ certification?

You think you are good at HTML. You are so good at HTML that you are now looking at all the Cisco, CompTIA, and other certifications to see if there is one. But do you really require one? Microsoft is your destination, again.
Let’s take a closer view. Your friends may be looking down on you if you’re proficient in HTML and CSS. People who have a CCNA or similar certification may think you’re just playing around with HTML instead of learning something serious’. It seems like everyone knows html these days. Employers assume that html proficiency is a given. Have you ever felt like that? We can relate to your pain if you have.
While many people claim to be HTML proficient, very few actually excel at it. If you’re serious about it, you will know that many developers are proficient in HTML 5 and basic CSS. However, very few developers know HTML 5 and basic CSS in depth. They also don’t understand proper syntax and formatting. Many of them have inherited their HTML 4.1 ‘bad habits’ and other old ways. If you can see the difference, it’s natural to want to stand out and get a certificate to validate your skills in proper XHTML, well-formed CSS.
The problem with industry certifications is that they are mostly vendor-based. Cisco certifications are one example. Although they are focused on Cisco products and solutions, the scope can sometimes extend beyond the Cisco technology. HTML is so universal that no vendor wanted to introduce the certification.
Microsoft recently added a new set of HTML and CSS exams. Microsoft’s 70-480, Programming HTML5 with JavaScript & CSS3 exam can be credited towards a MCSD certification (Microsoft Solutions Developer). This certification gives recognition and skills validation to all HTML5 heroes.
You should consider making MCSD Windows Store Apps Using HTML5 certification your long-term goal. It is based on HTML and CSS from more than one course. Although it takes you deep into Microsoft Apps, it doesn’t seem like a bad career. It is part of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Technology. You will need to learn new things and broaden your horizons. But it doesn’t hurt, right?
MCSD: Windows Store Apps using HTML5 Consists the following steps:
Programming HTML5 with JavaScript or CSS3. Required Exam: 480
Essentials of developing Windows Store Apps using HTML5 and JavaScript. Required Exam: 481
Advanced Windows Store App Development using HTML5 and JavaScript Required Exam: 482
These steps are indicative of the fact that, regardless of whether you choose to follow the Microsoft path, you will need to be proficient at JavaScript if you want to be competitive. Ajax, PHP and ASP are also useful. To put it briefly, everything you need to create the best website dynamic available today.
HTML is the reason there aren’t many certifications out there. Portfolios are a great way to showcase your amazing skills. A portfolio is essential for HTML. But you probably already know this. You can’t put networking skills in your portfolio. Subnetting isn’t exactly a portfolio-perfect case. These skills can only be measured through exams. However, HTML skills can be demonstrated and employers will want to see this. We don’t want to discourage you from taking the Microsoft exams, but we do believe that you should. You should continue to work towards your rock-solid portfolio.
The bottom line is that HTML standards are becoming more sophisticated as IT becomes more complex. Your intention to obtain a recognized certification is not to be dismissed. If you do, let them know about the Microsoft exams and they will be able to help you make your plans.

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