Is COBIT 2019 Certification worth it? Blog

COBIT 2019 has been released, and includes many updates to COBIT 5. As well as new tools and insights, COBIT can prove extremely useful for both new and veteran IT staff. The COBIT certification shows that a candidate has a good understanding of modern IT and the ability to adapt the COBIT framework to suit the needs of a particular business. Let’s now look at the important details of COBIT 2019, and what it takes for a COBIT 2019 certified professional.
About COBIT 2019 certification
ISACA developed COBIT, an IT governance and management framework. COBIT is not a prescriptive approach to IT Management. It provides a process for creating bespoke IT frameworks that optimize IT operations and prioritize strategic goals. These are based on a variety of Governance Objectives and Management Objectives that each company can focus on to suit its specific needs. COBIT can be used to accommodate other frameworks and approaches such as ITIL 4 or DevOps. This makes it an attractive option for any organization that relies upon IT.
Who should take the exam
The COBIT Foundation exam is open to all candidates who are interested in working in this field but do not have IT knowledge. The following are some of the people who are targeted:
Managers in business
IT/IS auditors
Information security managers
IT/IS practitioners
IT managers
For anyone who is interested in obtaining the COBIT 2019 Design & Implementation certification, the COBIT 2019 Foundation certificate must be obtained.
Exam Overview
The foundation exam for COBIT 2019 will have 75 multiple-choice questions. The multiple-choice COBIT 2019 Foundation Exam questions are followed by three options. Any of these choices can be the correct answer. The exam is limited to 120 minutes. The COBIT 2019 Foundation Exam is $175. Prices may vary depending on where you live. The COBIT 2019 Foundation exam can be taken in English, Spanish, or Chinese Simplified. You must score at least 65 percent to pass the exam.
We will now examine the online exam content in detail.
COBIT 2019 Foundation Course Outline
The COBIT 2019 Foundation Syllabus will assess you based upon the following domains.
1. Domain 1 Framework Introduction (12%)
Enterprise Governance of I&T (EGIT). Documentation:EGIT
COBIT as an I&T Framework (Documentation:Effective IT Governance at Your Fingertips)
The intended audience for the COBIT 2019 Framework
COBIT format and product architecture
Major differences between COBIT 5, and COBIT 2019. (Documentation) What are the primary differences in COBIT 2019 and CoBIT 5?
COBIT and other standards
Training and certification
2. Domain 2: Principles (13%)
Introduction to principles (Documentation:Governance of Enterprise IT and COBIT 5)
also, Governance “system” principles (Documentation:EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE)
Further, the Governance “framework” principles are also included.
3. Domain 3: Governance system components and components (30%)
Governance and management objectives (Documentation.COBIT 2019 Framework Governance and Management Objectives).
also, Components of the governance system (Documentation:Building A Governance System: A Review of Information Flow and Items Component)
Further, there are Focus areas
Additionally, Design factors (Documentation.COBIT Design Factors – A Dynamic Approach for Tailoring Governance in an Era of Digital Disruption).
Also, Goals cascade
4. Domain 4: Governance & management objectives (23%)
Also, see Overview of the COBIT core model
5. Domain 5: Performance Management (4%)
Performance management principles and definition
Also, Capability vs. Maturity levels (Documentation :Using the COBIT 5 Assess Programme to Improve the Work Process Capability for Auditors, Assurance Professionals, and Assessors).
Further, managing the performance of processes (Documentation :COBIT 5 Processes from a Systems Management Persp)

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