Money Clip Crazy?- Leather Money Clips? Silver Money Clips?

Money ClipsSearch:AllSilver Money ClipsLeather Money ClipsMoney Clip + Credit CardThe Slim Clip as seen on TVMoney Clip + WalletTitanium Money ClipsUnique Money ClipsMoney Clip Gift Sets Diamond Money ClipsGold Money ClipsUSA Made M-ClipRecords:4080120160 Slim Clip Money ClipPrice:$24.99 Silver Money Clip HeartPrice:$29.99 Dollar Sign Silver Money ClipPrice:$29.99 Silver Money Clip with Blue Light BeamPrice:$32.98 Sleek Black Leather Money ClipPrice:$29.99 Leather Money Clip Credit Card HolderPrice:$29.99 Classic Silver Money ClipPrice:$29.99 Brown Crocodile Leather Money ClipPrice:$29.99 King Silver Money Clip Credit Card Holder Price:$29.99 Queen Silver Money Clip Credit Card Holder Price:$29.99 Ace Spades Silver Money Clip Credit Card Holder Price:$29.99 Checkered Silver Money Clip Credit Card Holder Price:$29.99 Understated Elegant Silver Money ClipPrice:$29.99 Classic Hinged Silver Money ClipPrice:$29.99 Sleek Titanium Money ClipPrice:$52.19 Skull and Bones Silver Money Clip Credit Card HolderPrice:$29.99 Photo Frame Nickel Money ClipPrice:$29.99 Leather Money Clip Wallet ID HolderPrice:$33.00 Hinged Stainless Steel Silver Money ClipPrice:$29.99 Diamond Shaped Silver Money Clip WatchPrice:$33.00 Leather Money Clip WalletPrice:$35.00 Black and Silver Money Clip with GripPrice:$29.99 Hinged Steel and Silver Money ClipPrice:$36.99 LED Silver Money Clip Price:$32.99 Leather Money Clip with Photo HolderPrice:$32.99 Silver Money Clip with Black BandsPrice:$41.79 Black Stone Inlay Silver Money ClipPrice:$41.79 Carbon Fiber Silver Money ClipPrice:$41.79 Silver Money Clip – Cables DesignPrice:$41.79 Leather Money Clip Price:$32.99 Black and Silver Money ClipPrice:$41.79 Diamond on Silver Money ClipPrice:$41.79 Classy Silver Money ClipPrice:$41.79 Silver Money Clip Gift Set – Black StripesPrice:$70.60 Titanium Money Clip LamborghiniPrice:$132.00 Black Money Clip UltralightPrice:$49.95 Money Clip Gray Black UltralightPrice:$49.95 Money Clip Red Black Ultralight Price:$49.95 Money Clip Blue Black Ultralight Price:$49.95 Money Clip Gray Stainless SteelPrice:$119.95FirstPrev1-40 of 112NextLastWelcomeA message from Bill Wilson – Owner of Crazy 4 Money Clips.Hi All, I’m glad you have found our web site Crazy 4 Money Clips and hope that you will orderone of our money clips on this visit or when need arises in the future. We are a small american based business competing with the Amazon’s and Ebay’s of the world for your money clip purchase. The only way we can do that effectively is to listen to our customers so feel free to email us with ideas, issues or feedback. We aim to continually improve and to continually bring you the best selection of money clips possible. At the moment we have just under 150 money clips most are silver and made of stainless steel. We get asked why not sterling silver or 10K gold money clips? In our expereince, these metals are too soft for a money clip – unless intended only for special occasion use. Most men money clip carriers, however, carry them daily and precious metals don’t hold up to daily routine like stainless steel. Also, a stainless steel money clip will not corrode whereas a silver money clip will tarnish over time.It is a rare man who will polish it money clip.We do carry a selection of titanium money clips if you are interested in a precious metal money clip. Titanium is very strong and will not corrode. However, it’s so strong and durable that it is difficult to engrave on. In fact, engraving on titanium is more of a surface scratch than a deep cut. We will engrave on titanium if you wish, but we do not recommend it.I became a money clip carrier years ago after being held up at gunpoint for my wallet. Life is too short. After this incident, I looked for little things that I could do to NOT become a target of theft. A money clip is so small that you can’t really see it in the pocket and it’s harder for theives to pick your pocket. I’ve been a money clip carrier ever since.We look forward to doing business with you.Bill WilsonOwner and FounderCrazy 4 Money Clips

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