Money Clip Men – Our Top Ten List

Money Clip MenIt’s about a 50/50 split on the number of men who carry money clips vs wallets. See our picks for this centuries top ten money clip men. 1) George Clooney – This Hollywood hottie leads this decade’s rat pack. He’s cool, charming, classically good looking and looks to be forever not assessable. He’s a poker player. He’s a rogue. He’s a must for a money clip man.2) Brad Pitt – We’d say that younger Pitt was a money clip man. If for no other reason than his good buddy Clooney was, however, with Angelina pulling his strings, we’re guessing he’s now carrying a wallet. A wallet so that he’ll have space for all the kid’s baby photos. He’s a money clip man at heart.3) Keanu Reeves – With so much time spent in tight fitting black Matrix cloths, he wouldn’t have room for a wallet. He may not have always carried a money clip, but post Matrix, we’re betting he’s a money clip man.4) Matt Damon — Harvard Grad, Clooney Friend, Hot, Single, Poker Player. 100% likely money clip carrier.5) Arnold Schwarzenegger – California may be facing a growing economic crisis, but Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing just fine, thank you. That was the image at the Capitol this week, when Schwarzenegger pulled a money clip stuffed with his own cash out of his pocket when asked if the state would be running out of money any time soon. — Oakland Tribune, July 1, 20086) Daniel Craig – 007 – Say no more. He’s got to be on our money clip men list as due his predecessors.7) Kenny Chesney – If “She thinks my tractor’s sexy” what will she think of my money clip. It fits so snuggly in the back of – oh so tight blue jeans. It’s always full of cash and of course the Am Ex Black card. Many would like to put their hands in his pockets.8) Will Smith – It’s so hard to decide which of this super couple is the coolest: Jada Pinkett or Will. If Will wasn’t already money clip carrier, we’re thinking that Jada would have converted him by now.9) Robert Pattinson – By now everyone knows his money clip is engraved with only five characters – Bella. His destiny has been written by Ms. Meyers and we’ve all fallen in love.10) Ian Somerhalder – He’d have centuries to know the benefits of the money clip and a few more centuries to pick the perfect one. We’re guessing his brother carries a wallet. But, this Hollywood bad guy is our pick for being a money clip man – of course, his style, of choice, stainless steel (not silver) with a blood red ruby accent.Crazy4MoneyClips is an Atlanta, GA based company offering unique personalized money clips. With hundreds of money clips available, they are one of the largest, if not the largest, retailer of money clips in North America. They offer a personalization services as well as a gift wrapping service. Their products include, but are not limited too; leather money clips, silver money clips, money clip and credit card holders, money clip wallets, gold money clips, diamond money clips, leather money clips and other unique money clip products.
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