Money Clip or Wallet – Which is better?

Age Old Question Answered. The Wallet or the Money Clip?Over the year, there has been much talk of the benefits of the money clip vs the wallet. The wallet has traditionally been what American men carry around in the back pocket of their Levi’s. However, we know that there are clear benefits to money clips.The money clip is lighter. The money clip doesn’t leave an impression in the back pocket making it safer to carry since thieves are less likely to target a money clip carrier. The money clip is less expensive. The money clip is customizable and comes in so many varieties that a money clip can become an extension of one’s personality.
Now, the wallet…the wallet is a storage machine. You can carry everything in a wallet. So,for “Sally Store-it-Alls” the wallet is a must. For everyone else, take a hard second look at purchasing a money clip. You may find you have more room in your pocket for other things.
If you’re now wondering where to find a money clip; local jewelers, large local retailers, or online at

Crazy4MoneyClips is an Atlanta, GA based company offering unique personalized money clips. With hundreds of money clips available, they are one of the largest, if not the largest, retailer of money clips in North America. They offer a personalization services as well as a gift wrapping service. Their products include, but are not limited too; leather money clips, silver money clips, money clip and credit card holders, money clip wallets, gold money clips, diamond money clips, leather money clips and other unique money clip products.
### Company Name: Contact: Billy Wilson Email: [email protected] Phone: 404-502-5567

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