New Time Reports, Sidebar Collapse and Timesheet

It’s time to recap the month! Here are a few of our January updates:New Time Reports
Collapse sidebar
Hourly rates
Overview of Project Profitability
Trial accounts in your native language
That’s quite a long list. Keep reading for more information!
They are now neat and tidy! All time records can be opened by clicking on the links. They will be sorted according to client and job type. As cliché as it may sound, you can find more information by clicking one click! Expand to see all the work hours invested. We’ve read all of your feedback and are aware that you don’t have the custom time range in the reports. You can still access the older version of the Time report. Collapse sidebar
This is a tiny, but important detail! Now you can collapse the main menu to get a larger view of your workspace. Our team member discovered that his ActiveCollab workspace was 15% larger. A tooltip (or hoverbox) will pop up to let you know what you are clicking on. Timesheet
One of our co-founders met with a businessman once and shared his problems at work. He said that it takes him about an hour to review everyone’s billable hours on a good week. It takes me an entire day to sort them out on a bad week.” Who should spend so much time looking at time records? We have created a Timesheet that is completely accurate. Watch your time flow and track your hours.
It’s really quite simple. In return for a set amount of money, a company may have regular employees who work every month. Clients and projects, on the other hand are not always predictable and certain. Incomes can fluctuate from month to month while some costs, such as paychecks, are fixed. Profitability is our new protagonist. We want to help you keep track of all numbers that are relevant to your business projects. And this is where our new protagonist rolls in: Profitability!Profitability overview
It’s a summary in the Project info. It will tell you how much a Project is costing you, how much it’s bringing you in, and the difference between those two figures. This is Profit.
ActiveCollab users who are already registered should know that they can change the language in which they use ActiveCollab. If they don’t, this is how to do it! If you’re new to our site and are about to create a trial in ActiveCollab, you can do it instantly in your own language. There are 25 languages to choose from. We’re excited to see how our users use this little trick! If we find any interesting information, we’ll let you know.
We’ll be making many improvements to the Project’s finances. We’ll be improving the Project’s finances. ActiveCollab will help you track your hours and manage your expenses. You’ll be able to see how close you are to your budget limit, your internal costs, and most importantly, your profit.
The team Timesheet can be seen as a tool for managers, while the personal timesheet is more suited to individual self-checkups. It won’t be empty when you open it. It will contain all your tasks, and if time has not been tracked, the time fields won’t be empty. You can use the Stopwatch to start tracking your time on these tasks.

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