We wanted the new ActiveCollab to be a great place to share, read, and write project notes. We had several goals when we designed the successor to text documents and notebooks. The new ActiveCollab has a beautiful new layout that places content in the spotlight. It also features a beautiful font that makes it easy to write notes. ActiveCollab 4 requires that you think about content categorization prior to you begin writing. You will need to choose or create a notebook. Although it’s not difficult, it’s not ideal. There’s a step that you must take before you can do what you really want to do: writing. ActiveCollab has removed this step. The New Note button is just a click away. You don’t have to categorize your content before you start writing. We found a disturbing percentage of notebooks with only one page. These notebooks were not created because they were useful or added value, but because people needed them to write project notes. We tested a few models and designs before deciding to replace the notebook idea with something simpler, but equally effective. People begin by adding project notes. There is no requirement to start with project notes, other than having something to say. You can simply write notes. If they get too many and you feel the need for some sorting, you can drag one note onto another to create “a pile of notes”. The topmost note acts as a cover and gives the pile its name and description. You can browse, manage and export piles as if they were notebooks. The “Pile of Notes” paradigm was borrowed from the real world. You’ll likely see a pile or paper somewhere if you look around. This real-world approach works well in digital form. This short video will show you how effective it can be: Upgrade
You don’t have to worry about your content as an upgrade path is provided for all data. Text documents from the Files section will be converted to notes under the Notes tab. All pages and notebooks will be automatically converted into piles of notes. The notebook is the highest note and all pages are placed under the Notes tab. All attachments, comments, subscriptions, and subscriptions will be transferred to the new system.
ActiveCollab’s Feather principles allow for the transformation of text documents and notebooks to notes. This is an excellent example of how Feather principles make ActiveCollab more user-friendly. The Feather principles are making ActiveCollab a better and friendlier product. This is a perfect example of how you can transform text documents and notebooks into notes.

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