Point 12 – Encourage pride in workmanship

Deming stated that helping others is the greatest motivator and source for job satisfaction. It is a major enabler for pride in workmanship.
Think about the projects that you are most proud to have worked on. What is it that makes your heart leap and say “Wow!” Look at what we did! Is it possible to be proud of a project if you meet an arbitrary deadline set by a sponsor? Do you feel important if you meet the customer expectations and fulfill the written requirements? It is unlikely.
Personally, I feel most proud when (1) a significant positive impact is made and (2) I help people and know that they are grateful. People should think and say “wow!” Even if it’s only about them, I want people to think and say?wow!? about the team’s accomplishments, no matter how small or large. These criteria apply to me, regardless of whether I am involved in the project management or as an individual contributor.
Managers should look for the great work of their teams. Everyone on their projects should be aware that if they do more than they have to, they will be acknowledged. This requires that the PM be selfless and available to their people. That is the essence of servant leadership. The PM should consider the fact that their team will have better ideas than they can, and not be afraid of embracing those ideas.
Micromanaging projects should be avoided. The task should be broken down so that each contributor can use their expertise. They should be able to execute the tasks as they choose, based on their talents and expertise. You can guide and serve but not micromanage. Micromanaging is one way to destroy the soul of a project group.

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