Questions for freshers in cybersecurity interview

Are you looking to get started in Cybersecurity? We have compiled the best Cybersecurity interview questions for newbies that will help you land your first job.
Everything is digitalized in this age. Everything is digitalized, from restaurant orders to public healthcare systems and critical information about a nation’s defence system. It is clear that fraudulent hackers are able to access data stored online by many users.
IT companies are becoming more aware of the importance of cybersecurity and the demand for cybersecurity officers is on the rise. There is a lot competition in the field due to the increased demand.
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You must be a top-notch candidate for Cybersecurity jobs. For those who can quickly answer cybersecurity interview questions for freshers, they will be able to get a head start on their cybersecurity career. To improve your understanding of the core concepts of Cybersecurity, it is highly recommended that you prepare sample cybersecurity interview questions for beginners.
Recent Cybersecurity Interview Questions for Freshers
We have compiled a list with 20 top cybersecurity interview questions for beginners if you are a newbie and want to help you prepare for your interview. Let’s get started:
1) Define Cybersecurity
Ans: Cybersecurity refers to the protection of internet-connected systems such as software, hardware and electronic data from unauthorized access or cyber-attacks.
2) What can you do in order to prevent Cross-Site Scripting
Ans: We can prevent Cross-Site Scripting by following a few practices, such as using an XSS HTML filter, Encoding special characters and using Anti-XSS tools/services.
3) What is the difference between Threat, Vulnerability and Risk?
Ans: These questions are designed to test your knowledge in Cybersecurity. Threats are when someone can harm the system’s official data by damaging or destroying it. Vulnerability refers to the weaknesses in a system that could lead to potential threats, such as SQL injections or cross-site scripting. Risk is the potential damage to data that could be caused by a threat to exploit the vulnerability that was present.
4) What is a Botnet, exactly?
Ans: A Botnet is a group of internet-connected devices, such as servers and PCs, that can be affected or controlled by malware.
These cybersecurity interview questions for newbies will be asked if the interviewers want information about your knowledge of Cybersecurity.
5) What is the difference between IDS/IPS?
Ans: Intrusion Detection Systems is a simple monitoring system that detects intrusions but cannot prevent them. Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), a control system that detects and prevents intrusion, is also known as Intrusion Detection Systems.
6) What is the difference between information assurance and information protection?
Ans: Yes. Information protection protects data from unauthorized access using encryption and security software. Information assurance is a way to ensure data integrity, availability, confidentiality, and authentication.
7) What is Remote Desktop Protocol?
Ans: These are questions for Cybersecurity interviewers that test your knowledge of various technicalities related to Cybersecurity.
Remote Desktop Protocol, also known as RDP, is a Microsoft protocol for data encryption and security. This protocol is used to connect clients, users, and a virtual network server.
8) What is cybersecurity risk assessment?
Ans: Cybersecurity risk assessment is the process of identifying vulnerable information assets such as customer data that are susceptible to cyber-attacks. It is used to determine an

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