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The current professional environment is highly competitive. Professionals need to have specialized skills and experience to succeed. This will enable them to stand out from the crowd and make a difference. The market is looking for skilled and qualified candidates. The only question is, do you have the skills to succeed? SAS Certified Specialist: Machine learning using SAS Viya 3.3.4 Certification is a great credential to get and make a difference in your company.
This article will provide you with an all-in-one study tool to help prepare for the exam. Let’s start by getting all the details and then we can get started learning.
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SAS Certified Specialist: Machine learning Using SAS Viya3.4 is for individuals who want to show their AI and analytics talents using Open Source and SAS tools to gain insight from data. The Machine Learning Using SAS Viya 3.4 exam tests candidates’ knowledge of Visual Data Mining software and skills such preparing data and feature, creating supervised model learning models, assessing model performances, deploying models into production, and so on. Candidates who are awarded this credential will have passed the SAS Viya Supervised Machine Learning Pipelines exam. If you plan to become a data scientist responsible for creating supervised machines learning models using SAS Viya’s pipelines, this exam is for you.
SAS Credentials: Benefits
SAS Certified Specialist: Machine learning using SAS Viya, 3.4 helps validate and stand out.
Recognize your knowledge.
Your employer will appreciate you.
Increase your credibility as a SAS expert.
Get a digital badge that you can share.
Learning Path
SAS offers many certifications that can be classified in various categories, including Foundation tools, Advanced analytics and BI and Analytics. Data Management, Administration, JMP and many others. Machine Learning Using SAS Viya 3.4 exam is part of the Advanced Analytics category.
Source: SASLearning Objectives
The objectives of the SAS Specialist: Machine learning are:
Data Sources (30%)
Building Models (50%)
Model Assessment and Deployment (20%)
Study Guide for SAS Certified Specialist
These learning resources are crucial for passing the SAS Certified Specialist: machine Learning Using SAS Viya3.4 exam.
SAS Official Website
Visit the SAS official website to prepare for the Machine Learning exam. The official website has a lot of useful information and sources that can be very helpful in preparing for your exam. You will find resources such as a study guide, documentation, flashcards and whitepapers, FAQ, and sample papers. All such important information can be found on the official site.
SAS Training Program
Preparation for exams such as SAS Certified Specialist: MachineLearning Using SAS Viya 3.0 is a must. SAS offers its own training programs for various certifications and exams.
Flashcards can be used to test knowledge of the SAS Viya exam. Study flashcards highlight the most important learning points from SAS Viya’s 3.4 study guide.
Guidebooks and Books
The next step in the preparatory manual should be to find books and study guides. The candidate must find books that are rich in information. Although finding a good book can be difficult, it is essential for the candidate to read, understand, and find the information they need. Th

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