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Being a professional can help you find a job and move up the corporate ladder. The same goes for adding a WatchGuard Secure WiFi Essentials Certification to your resume. This certification will help you shine in front your employers. But, it is not an easy task. To pass the exam, you need to have access to the right resources. We have prepared our Secure Wi-Fi Essentials Cheat sheet that will help you get certified. It will help you plan and get you on the right path to success.
Let’s take a look at the exam details before we get into the Study Map, which is your cheat sheet.
Secure Wi-Fi Essentials Overview
TheWatchGuard Secure WiFi Essentials tests your knowledge of wireless concepts, Firebox wireless devices, and management. It also includes a Gateway Wireless Controller. It also tests your ability to manage wireless WatchGuard devices with the Wi-Fi Cloud. Network administrators with prior experience in wireless networking and AuthPoint deployment are highly recommended to take this exam.
Key Concepts of the Secure Wi-Fi EssentialsExam
These key concepts are essential to obtaining your Secure Wi-Fi Essentials certification.
General Wireless Concepts
First, wireless protocols and standards
Radio frequencies and bands are then
Wireless LAN basics
Also, best practices for AP deployment
Fireware Wireless
Firebox wireless devices are first
Next, manage WatchGuard APs using the Gateway Wireless Controller on a Firebox WI-Fi Cloud
The next step is How to monitor and troubleshoot wireless networks using Discover
Further information: Locations, floor plans and inheritance
Also, components of a wireless deployment
Wireless security protocols and modes are also available
Wireless Intrusion Prevention System, (WIPS), is also available.
Also, Captive portals
Finally, Analyze and Engage applications
Cheat Sheet: Secure Wi-Fi Essentials
This cheat sheet gives you a quick overview of the exam and all its resources. It is easy to understand and can be very helpful for last-minute revisions. These steps will allow you to include this highly valued credential on your resume.
Understanding the Exam Objectives
The exam blueprint is based on the course domains and module. You should have a clear understanding of the syllabus. Course outline is important because of the many concepts this exam covers. You should familiarize yourself with the Official Secure Wi-Fi Essentials Study guide and plan your study around these concepts. The exam covers 6 domains.
Understanding Wireless Technology[10%]
Firstly, Wireless protocols and standards (WatchGuard Documentation:Wireless Modes and Channels)
Secondly, Wireless deployments (WatchGuard Documentation:WatchGuard AP Deployment Overview)
Thirdly, Wireless radio bands and channels (WatchGuard Documentation:Wireless Modes and Channels,About Wireless Radio Settings)
Firebox Wireless and Gateway Wireless Controller[15%]
Wireless Firebox configuration and monitoring are the first steps (WatchGuard Documentation :About FireboxWireless Configuration
Then, WatchGuard AP configuration and monitoring from the Gateway (WatchGuard Documentation:Monitor Wireless Connections (Gateway Wireless Controller))
Moreover, Wireless Controller on a Firebox (WatchGuard Documentation:Configure APs with the Gateway Wireless Controller,Monitor Wireless Connections (Gateway Wireless Controller))
Further, Wireless guest network configuration is available (WatchGuard Documentation, Enable a Wireless Guest Network and Advanced Settings for a Guest Network).
Also, VLAN configuration for a WatchGuard AP (WatchGuard Documentation:Configure VLANs for WatchGuard APs,AP Deployment with VLANs and Guest Network)
Wi-Fi Cloud: Management[25%]
Firstly, Wi-Fi Cloud services and apps (WatchGuard Documentation:Getting Started with WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud)
Secondly, Wi Fi Cloud ports (Wi-Fi Cloud Ports)

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