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TheWatchGuard Secure WiFi Essentials tests your knowledge of wireless concepts, Firebox wireless devices, and management. It also includes a Gateway Wireless Controller. It also tests your ability to manage wireless WatchGuard devices with the Wi-Fi Cloud. Network administrators with prior experience in wireless networking and AuthPoint deployment are highly recommended to take this exam.
Key Concepts of the Secure Wi-Fi EssentialsExam
These key concepts are essential to obtaining your Secure Wi-Fi Essentials certification.
General Wireless Concepts
First, wireless protocols and standards
Radio frequencies and bands are then
Wireless LAN basics
Also, best practices for AP deployment
Fireware Wireless
Firebox wireless devices are first
Next, manage WatchGuard APs using the Gateway Wireless Controller on a Firebox WI-Fi Cloud
The next step is How to monitor and troubleshoot wireless networks using Discover
Further information: Locations, floor plans and inheritance
Also, components of a wireless deployment
Wireless security protocols and modes are also available
Wireless Intrusion Prevention System, (WIPS), is also available.
Also, Captive portals
Finally, Analyze and Engage applications
WatchGuard Secure Wi-Fi Essentials Study Guide
Learn the Secure Wi-Fi Essentials exam course
The exam blueprint is based on the course domains and module descriptions. It is important to be clear about the syllabus. The course outline is crucial because of the many concepts covered in this exam. Before you begin your preparations to excel, make sure that you have read the Official Secure Wi-Fi Essentials Guide. The exam covers 6 domains.
Domain 1- Understanding Wireless Technology[10%]
The first domain is focused on the development of an understanding about wireless protocols and standards, wireless deployments, and wireless radio bands.
Domain 2- Firebox Wireless, Gateway Wireless Controller[15%]
This domain also focuses on wireless Firebox configurations and monitoring. It also covers watchGuard AP configurations and monitoring from the Gateway. This domain also covers wireless controller on a Firebox, wireless guest networking configuration, and VLAN configurations for a WatchGuardAP.
Domain 3- Wi-Fi Cloud Management[25%]
This domain now focuses on Wi-Fi Cloud services, apps, and ports. It includes firmware updates and SSID configuration, device settings, locations, and inheritance.
Domain 4 -WiFi Cloud: Monitoring, Troubleshooting[20%]
This domain includes concepts related to diagnostic tools, monitoring, and discovery. This domain includes troubleshooting scenarios.
Domain 5- Wi-Fi cloud: Wireless Intrusion Prevention System, WIPS ([20%]
This domain includes WIPS classifications as well as intrusion Prevention. It also covers concepts related to WiFi Policies and AP scan modes.
Domain 6- Wi-Fi cloud: Analyze and Engage[10%]
Laslty is a domain that aims to provide the skills necessary for captive portal configuration. It includes concepts such as analytics data and Portal authentication techniques.
Instructor-Led Training
WatchGuard strongly recommends that candidates enroll in this instructor-led training course to gain hands-on experience. These Secure Wi-Fi Essentials training sessions may be held in regions that are sponsored by a local distributor or sales. WatchGuard also offers VILT technology-based training to its partners. All WatchGuard users can register for a session with the WatchGuard Certified Training Partners network (WCTPs).
Self-Study Materials
WatchGuard also offers video-based courseware to candidates who wish to take the WatchGuard Secure Wi-Fi Essentials certification Exam. These can be used for self-study and reinforcement of the already masked knowledge.

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