Steps to Become a Database Administrator

All business data must be stored and maintained in a complex manner. Database administration is a booming field due to the importance and sensitive nature of this task.
In 2018, the job growth rate for certified database managers increased by 20%. The profile of Database administrator is very popular in many industries, including large corporations and government offices.
The DBA certification is required if you plan to work in this field. After completing Database Management Training, individuals can seek computer service consulting or become a DBA by becoming self-employed.
What is a Database Administrator?
A database administrator is a professional responsible for managing the information needs of a company. They create the database to meet the business’s needs. They are responsible for ensuring that databases work properly and are protected. They are also responsible for merging old and new databases, and fixing any issues. A Database Administrator is responsible for managing the database management software that stores and organizes the company’s data.
Role of the Database Administrator
Database administrators are responsible for the development, installation, analysis, organization, and protection of large data systems within a business that contain confidential information. Database administrators can also be employed on e-commerce websites and healthcare websites. The database developers’ primary function is to create and protect the network structures that respond to user queries.
Requirements for Career Eligibility
A bachelor’s degree in management information systems, computer science or another related field is required to enter the field of database administration. To be a Database Manager, one must have exceptional analytical and logical skills. The person must also have the ability to think critically, make decisions, and perform operational analysis. To start a career, the individual must hold a Database Management Certification. These are additional criteria:
The individual must hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Management information systems, computer science, or a related domain.
The person should have a minimum of 1-5 years experience in the field.
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Steps to Become a Database Administrator
These are the steps to follow in order to become a database administrator.
Step 1: Get your Bachelor’s Degree
A bachelor’s degree in computer science is required to become a Database Administrator. This field focuses on databases, networks, and information technology. The course covers important topics such as database systems, data structure, and data communications. It lasts for 4 years. The course will cover the following topics: database systems, data structure, data communications, etc.

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