Study Guide for DP-201 Microsoft Certification Exam – Designing an Azure Data Solution

Hello Readers, welcome back. The Azure Microsoft Data Solutions Certification (DP-201) is the best step to take if you are interested in a career as a Azure Data engineer.
1. Introduction
2. What can you expect from this article?
3. Prerequisites
5. Exam Pattern
6. Percentage of questions for all Modules
7. Study Materials and References
8. Tips and Tricks
9. Get certified now
Microsoft introduced the DP-201 certification exam to help you design an Azure Data solution. This exam is for IT professionals who work with business stakeholders in order to identify and meet data requirements. It also targets Azure Data engineers responsible data-related design tasks, such as designing storage solutions like relational or non-relational datastores, batch and real-time processing, security and compliance. . 75% concepts of DP-200 are coming for DP-201 exam. The majority of focus is on Great Azure Architecture.
What can you expect from this article?
This article contains a comprehensive guide that includes sufficient study material, anticipatory questions from the respective modules, tips and tricks, reference Inks for self-studying, and instructor-led training. These resources will support your learning and help you get up-skilled. You can also find links to hands-on labs and case studies.
You must pass both the DP-200 exam and the DP-201 exam to become a Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate. To earn the badge of Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate, you must pass the DP-200 certification exam before you can take the DP-201 exam. You must be able to design data solutions that use Azure services such as Cosmos DB and Synapse analytics.
Exam Pattern:
The table below summarizes additional information about the exam.
Percentage of all modules’ questions:
Design Azure Data Solutions (40-45%).
This module can expect maximum questions. The Microsoft exam judges you on your ability and ability to design Azure data solutions, your ability use relational and nonrelational database, Blog storages. Synapse Analytics is an important part of the exam.
Design Data Processing Solutions (25-30%)
This module will ask you questions about data processing solutions such as Azure Databricks, Data Factory, Data Factory, and real-time processing with Stream Analytics. You can also provision compute resources.
Design for Data Security and Compliance (25-30%)
This module will ask you questions about designing security for source data access, planning for secure endpoints, choosing appropriate authentication mechanisms such key access, SAS, Azure Active Directory, Azure AD (Azure AD), as well as security policies and standards, randomized, deterministic, and transparent data encryption (TDE). This module will ask you 15-18 questions based on scenarios. You will be asked to select the appropriate service for your particular situation.
Study Material and References
There are many ways to prepare for this certification. Here’s a list of the methods:
CloudThat provides Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC), upon enrollment for the course
Webinar for DP-201 from YouTube conducted by CloudThat team:
Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate Learning Path
Microsoft Documentation
Instructor-led training is available to help you prepare for the exam in a structured way.
CloudThat also offers Test Prep to anyone who attempts this course. This allows unlimited access to our library for Azure and MCQs as well as performance tracker.

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