Top 10 Cloud Computing Terms That You Must Know

You might already be familiar with cloud computing and have started to use it in your business. Do you have enough knowledge to start a conversation about cloud computing? Cloud computing terminology can be confusing. These are just some of the terms we hear when cloud computing spreads across organisations.

1. Pay as you go: This cost structure for cloud services doesn’t require upfront payments for hardware or software.

2. Private cloud: Services offered over a secure network to select users.

3. Public cloud: Anyone can buy the service via the Internet.

4. Cloud services are available on-demand: Customers have the option to purchase cloud services whenever they are needed.

5. Cloud provider: An organization that provides a cloud-based platform, infrastructure, application, or storage service to other organizations.

6. Consumption-based pricing is when the service provider charges customers for the service they provide. This is based on how much they consume, not the time.

7. Middleware: Software that allows data transfer between applications.

8. SaaS stands for Software as a Service and allows applications to be delivered over the Internet by the provider.

9. External cloud: These cloud services are typically charged a fee, and can be customized.

10. An internal cloud is a private cloud service that is created or provided by your IT department. It can be customized to meet specific company needs.

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