Top 25 Interview Questions and Answers for Azure Architects

Microsoft Azure is the second most popular Cloud service provider on the market. Because of its outstanding IaaS solutions, Microsoft Azure is trusted to provide cloud services by more than 80% Fortune 500 companies. Many organizations are now hiring Azure certified professionals for different roles within their organization. Cloud Solutions Architect is one of the most sought-after Azure job roles.

You must be prepared to land your dream job if you are one of the candidates looking for a decent line in work as an Azure Architect. Here are 25 questions that an aspiring Azure Solution Architect would be asked during an interview.
Question 1: What’s Azure Cloud Service?
Answer: Azure Cloud Service allows you to communicate multiple web applications in Azure and also specifies various parts for the dissemination management and permissions for flexible scaling. A particular cloud service can include web parts and specialist components in certain cases, each with its own application documents and design.
Question 2: What roles does Windows Azure play?
Answer: There are three types of roles available in Windows Azure: worker, virtual machine, and web.
Question 3: What three components are most important in the Azure platform?Answer : Compute Fabric, Storage, and Compute are all present in Azure Compute and Azure AppFabric.
Question 4: What is a Cloud architecture?
Answer: A cloud architect is an IT specialist who develops an organization’s computing strategy. This strategy incorporates cloud adoption plans, cloud app design, cloud management and monitoring. The Architect also assists with different cloud environments, such as public Cloud, private Cloud, hybrid Cloud.
Question 5: What are the different layers of cloud architecture? Answer: The Cloud Architecture is made up of the following layers:
Infrastructure: This is the primary layer of Cloud. It stands for Infrastructure as an Service.
Platform: The Platform – PaaS is the second layer of Cloud. It stands for Platform as service.
Software: The third Cloud layer, Software – SaaS – is Software as a Service.
Question 6: What are the layers in a Cloud Reference Model? Answer: There are five layers to a Cloud Reference Model.
Physical layer
Virtual layer
Control layer
Service orchestration layer
Service layer
Question 7: What are the main physical components of cloud infrastructure? Answer: Network equipment, servers and data storage are the primary components. A hardware abstraction layer is also part of cloud infrastructure. This layer allows virtualization of resources and reduces costs through economies-of-scale.
Question 8: What is the most basic cloud model? Answer: The Saas, which is Software as a Service, is the answer. This is the most well-known cloud service model for consumers. It also reallocates software management and deployment tasks to third-party services.
Question 9: How do you distinguish between a software architect or solution architect? Answer: A Solution Architect is responsible for a single application or technology product. A Software Architect is responsible for the overall plan of an application, especially if there are many components that need to work together.
Question 10: What is an Azure Solution architect? Answer: The Azure Solution Architect’s main roles are to design and implement an Azure Cloud architecture and manage migration issues. It also includes planning and estimating the solutions required to implement cloud migration, and continuing operations.

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