Top 5 lessons from PMP(r), students!

We hear success stories every day from students who have passed the PMP(r), so we thought it would make a great idea for us to share some of our wisdom over the years in this top 5 list!
These are the top 5 lessons that will help pass your PMP(r), exam the first time.
Plan your work and make a Plan. It is quite strange to think that project managers, who plan for a living often don’t apply the same discipline as they do to their personal goals. Most people are not able to create a plan that is clear and concise. This can lead to months or even years of waiting before they become certified.
To ensure success, one of the most important things is to plan your study schedule and then actually do it! You can make this even more fun by appointing your own “sponsors” to hold you accountable and share in our successes.
You must take the exam seriously. Overconfidence is the number 1 reason for failure on the first attempt. We assume that the exam shouldn’t be too difficult since we manage complex projects every single day.
It is best to approach the PMP(r), as if you were a new student, learning it from scratch. You will succeed if you are open to learning new things and if you understand the PMI’s perspective on everything, then you will be excited.
Concentrate your efforts on a few reliable sources. We live in a world of endless information and infinite learning materials. The downside to knowledge is that there are often conflicting information, opinions vs facts and information overload. This can cause confusion in our studies.
Our most successful students have told us that a PMP(r), in conjunction with the PMBOK(r), 6th edition, is the winning combination!
Understanding vs. memorization – The PMP(r), exam questions are situational. This means that a project situation will be presented to you and you will need a solution. Many students use memorization to pass exams. However, they find it difficult to understand the question because it is written in a way that memorization cannot.
While we all know that certain things need to be remembered, such as key formulas or tables, understanding is the key! It is important to understand why things work and how each knowledge area and process works together to make your project a success.
You will succeed if you use your knowledge, memory, understanding, and all of your faculties to solve each problem in the exam.
Practice questions and exams – Do a lot of them. The most common thing we hear about successful students is that they practiced a lot in exam simulators, with a pass rate of at least 80 percent. These questions are not only testing your knowledge but also train your brain to identify key points in questions that lead you to the best answer. Notice how we use the phrase “best answer” because there are often more than one correct answer. PMI wants you to find the “best” answer for each situation. To do this, you will need to disassemble all clues in the question.
We hope you find the information useful. ExamsPM is committed to your success in project management. We know that these tips will help you achieve your goals.
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