Top Ten Fathers Day Gifts For this Fathers Day

Two Top Ten Father’s Day Gift Ideas Lists from Crazy4MoneyClipsEvery June Father’s Day rolls around which put’s Dad at the forefront of our mind. To help with Father’s Day purchases, Crazy4MoneyClips has compiled two lists of the top ten gift ideas for Dads. The first list works for all dads. The second list is specialized for those Dads who have young kids at home. Find the gift he’ll appreciate.
1) Electronics – Seems like anyone with the Y chromosome likes electronics. If it has a remote control it is sure to be a beloved gift.
2) Wine or Beer Club Membership – Whether it’s wine or beer these monthly membership clubs will have your Dad thinking about you all year. After a glass of wine and/or a beer, he’ll probably be thinking good thoughts.
3) Personalized Money Clip – Money Clips make great gifts because they can be easily engraved to add meaning. Often they become heirlooms.
4) Home Depot or Lowes Gift Card – Most Dads spend lots of time in these stores. Most Dads like the time they spend in these stores. Most Dads would appreciate the gift card and use it.
5) A tool – Look at your Dads tool chest. Many of the tools could probably stand to be replaced and that there may even be a few missing you could add to the collection.
6) Tickets – Buy tickets to an event that you and he could go to together. Nothing that a Dad likes better than realizing that his child wants to spend time with him.
7) A round of Golf – If you get a round of golf, try to take the time off so that you can join him on the course.
8) A best seller – When is the last time your Dad read a book? Dad’s are busy and don’t have time to look for books to read. Buy him a book that he’ll enjoy.
9) Lend a hand – Ask your Dad if you can help him with that project he’s been working on or putting off. It’s always more fun to do something together especially with those you love.
10) Go fishing – Lull the day away and spend time just being together.
Now for those of you that have young children, here’s a list that will get them involved in making Dad that perfect father’s day gift. It will make Dad happy and your children will have fun making it. Make father’s day even more special this year by sending the gift of love. To help get your creative juices flowing, Crazy4MoneyClips has compiled a list of the top ten inexpensive gift ideas that you and your children can make for their Dad.
1) Make a stepping stone with their hand prints — bag of quick cement and some pretty plastic, glass, rocks…etc to go inside is the cheapest route. They have kits at Michaels.
2) Get a plain hat or white t-shirt and have them decorate it – Hand prints work well.
3) If he has a workbench in the garage, let them paint it. (Given he would think that is a good idea.)
4) Personalize a money clip — Engrave it so that it will be an heirloom for your kids. Have your kids help with the message so that it comes from their hearts. has an online service that is easy to use.
5) Bake him a father’s day cake — and decorate it, but don’t eat it.
6) Bring him breakfast in bed — be prepared to clean up crumbs.
7) Plant him a Tree: Plant a tree together and watch it grow. (it may be too hot depending on where you live)
8) Make him a Statue: Get boxes, and toilet paper rolls and other recyclables together and have them make daddy and paint it. You could use paper mache or glue.
9) Decorate a pillow case – there is no nicer feeling than going to bed on a pillow that says “I love you Dad.”
10) Make a photo collage for his desk or draw a picture of you and your Dad.
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