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Crazy 4 Money Clips Founder - Bill Wilson

Hello, I'm Bill Wilson - owner and founder of Below you will find the reason's that I'm so crazy 4 money clips. 

Email me your story - bill@crazy4store.

Cool Money Clip Knotting

Compliments of StormDrane

The photo below is our Silver Money Clip - Cable's Design product.  We sent this money clip to a master of knot works and after a day he worked his magic.  the result as you can see is sophisticated and elegant. 

stormdrane money clip

Best Money Clip Benefits

1.  A money clip is safer. Next time you are out and about, look at the back pockets of men. You will see what an indent the wallet makes in the pocket. This makes the carrier a prime target for thieves who’ve perfected the skill of pick-pocketing.

2. A money clip is easier. With a money clip you have faster access to your cash and credit cards, no more fumbling around with a wallet and all it entails. Think of it as less material between you and your cash.         

3. A money clip is lighter. Don’t believe us, weigh a money clip and weigh a wallet. Hands down the money clip will be lighter every time. Mentally, lighted your load with a money clip where you’re only taking what you need.

4. A money clip is personalized. There are more options to customize and personalize a money clip than a wallet. They make great conversation pieces and help others get a glimpse into your personality if you so wish.

5. A money clip is organization on steroids. Don’t fumble around looking for your credit cards or bills with a wallet. Just grab your cash and go. Keep your wallet for all those cards you rarely use and take the money clip when you’re making things happen.           

6. A money clip saves time. Not to beat a dead horse, but grabbing cash is quicker in a money clip and when minutes count you can’t beat the money clip.           

7. A money clip is less expensive. Next time you’re in a department store check out the prices on designer wallets versus designer money clips. We’re betting that in most instances, you’ll find the money clip cheaper…which leads us to benefit 8,           

8. You can have multiple money clips. Since money clips are relatively affordable, personal and easy to move things in and out of, many money clip carriers have multiple money clips. They have the money clip they take to the office, the money clip they take out at night and the money clip they take to the golf course.  

9. A money clip is pretty cool. We’re biased but think that a money clip is pretty cool. Less trouble, looks good and connotes that “here’s a no nonsense type of man.” Of course, trends come and go, but at the moment the money clip is a hot commodity.    

10. A money clip makes a great gift. A money clip can be a personal or impersonal item depending on who’s giving it and how it’s personalized. It can be great gift for graduations, corporate events, wedding parties, or for that someone special. The price is right and the sentiment is meaningful.

How to use a money clip

Everyone knows how to use a money clip, right?  You just put money and credit cards in it and off you go.  But, wait, there is more.  Like most things in life, there is a proper way to use a money clip that makes using your money clip even more efficient.   Use the following 8 step process  and you’ll never wonder if you are using your money clip correctly again.

5 Step Process to Proper Money Clip Etiquette

Step 1:  Order Your Money Order you bills from largest to smallest with the larger bills on the bottom.  If you carry $50’s or $100’s they would be the first bills you stack.  $100’s first, $50’s second, $20’s third, $10’s forth, $5’s fifth and $1’s on top.  Now you have your bills stacked appropriately.  Ensure that they are as aligned and smoothed as possible.

Step 2:  Order Your Credit Cards Determine which cards if any you want to be carrying in your money clip.  Stack them in order of importance to you and then place them vertically on top of the stacked money pile you created in step one.  Put the top of the credit card stack in the middle of the money stack.

Step 3:  Pocket Strategy Decide which pocket and which side of your money clip that you will have facing outwards.  The outwards facing side is the side that you will have your credit cards and money facing.

Step 4:  Place Money & Credit Cards in your Money Clip Fold the money stack over the credit card stack so that you have a neatly compacted pile of your essentials that you can easily now secure in your money clip. Place the items in your money clip with the credit cards facing so that when you take the clip out of your pocket you will not have to turn it over to see the front of the credit cards.  The folded side of the stack should go in the money clip first.

Step 5:  Using Your Money Clip To take money or credit cards out of your money clip you have two options.  You can take everything out of the clip, get the card or bill you need, wait for change or for your card to be returned and then place everything back in your clip.  Alternatively, if you need just a small bill or a credit card you can pull them from the middle fairly easily.  This is one of the advantages of using a money clip with bills arranged in this manner.  The smaller bills will always be in the middle so you can access them easily.

Engraving Ideas

Often you have ten characters to work with when engraving or personalizing your money clip. What you say, of course, depends on whether the money clip is a gift or for yourself and if it’s a gift, if it’s a corporate or personal gift. We’ve given a range of options below. Select your engravable money clip now.

1. Three Initials are popular on money clips. (3 characters) 2. Love Always (11 characters) 3. Thank you (9 characters) 4. My Love 3 initials (11 characters) 5. With Love (9 characters) 6. Go Team (7 characters) 7. A Name 8. Go (sports team 9. I love ___  10. Company Name


How to Engrave a Monogram

It's as easy as 1,2, 3.  Just  remember to always put the first character of the last name in the middle.

1.  First Initial of your First Name goes first

2.  First Initial of your Middle Name goes last

3.  First Initial of your Last Name goes in the Middle.

Cindy May Light in Monogram Font - CLM


Top Money Clip Uses

Over the years, we’ve heard stories from people depicting alternate uses of the money clip. Below we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. If you have unique ways that you use a money clip, please email us at and we’ll publish to our user base. Thank you.

Money Clip Use 1.  To hold receipts when returning items to stores.

Money Clip Use 2.  To hold coupons when shopping

Money Clip Use 4.  Have lots of frequent flyer cards hanging around – clip them with a money clip

Money Clip Use 5.  Run out of stickies, hold multiple to-do lists and post it notes together with a money clip.

Money Clip Use 9.  Not necessarily recommended, but money clips have been used to secure headphone cords to ones t-shirt so that the cord doesn’t move around so much when exercising.

Money Clip Use 10.  Only a dad can appreciate clipping a pacifier to a belt with a money clip so that it’s readily available when needed.Don’t want someone to know you have cash on you, use your money clip to clip cash to the inside of your sock.

Money Clip or Wallet?

Over the years, there has been much talk of the benefits of the money clip vs the wallet. The wallet has traditionally been what American men carry around in the back pocket of their Levi’s. However, we know that there are clear benefits to money clips.

Now, the wallet…the wallet is a storage machine. You can carry everything in a wallet. So,for “Sally Store-it-Alls” the wallet is a must. For everyone else, take a hard second look at purchasing a money clip. You may find you have more room in your pocket for other things.

2) Flask– One thing most folks don't think to buy themselves and that isn't readily available in stores is a good sophisticated flask.

4)  Home Depot or Lowes Gift Card – Most Dads spend lots of time in these stores.  Most Dads like the time they spend in these stores.  Most Dads would appreciate the gift card and use it.

5) A tool – Look at your Dads tool chest.  Many of the tools could probably stand to be replaced and that there may even be a few missing you could add to the collection.

6) Tickets – Buy tickets to an event that you and he could go to together.  Nothing that a Dad likes better than realizing that his child wants to spend time with him.

7) A round of Golf – If you get a round of golf, try to take the time off so that you can join him on the course.

8) A best seller – When is the last time your Dad read a book?  Dad’s are busy and don’t have time to look for books to read.  Buy him a book that he’ll enjoy.

9)  Lend a hand – Ask your Dad if you can help him with that project he’s been working on or putting off.  It’s always more fun to do something together especially with those you love.

10)  Go fishing – Lull the day away and spend time just being together.

11)  Bonus Gift Idea for wives: Join a panty of the month club You'll both get a romantic surprise in the mail monthly.

Now for those of you that have young children, here’s a list that will get them involved in making Dad that perfect father’s day gift.  It will make Dad happy and your children will have fun making it.  Make father’s day even more special this year by sending the gift of love.   To help get your creative juices flowing, Crazy4MoneyClips has compiled a list of the top ten inexpensive gift ideas that you and your children can make for their Dad. 

1) Make a stepping stone with their hand prints -- bag of quick cement and some pretty plastic, glass, rocks...etc to go inside is the cheapest route.  They have kits at Michaels.

2) Get a plain hat or white t-shirt and have them decorate it – Hand prints work well.

3) If he has a workbench in the garage, let them paint it.  (Given he would think that is a good idea.)

4) Personalize a money clip -- Engrave it so that it will be an heirloom for your kids.  Have your kids help with the message so that it comes from their hearts. has an online service that is easy to use.

5) Bake him a father's day cake -- and decorate it, but don’t eat it.

6) Bring him breakfast in bed -- be prepared to clean up crumbs.

7) Plant him a Tree: Plant a tree together and watch it grow.  (it may be too hot depending on where you live)

8) Make him a Statue: Get boxes, and toilet paper rolls and other recyclables together and have them make daddy and paint it.  You could use paper mache or glue.

9) Decorate a pillow case – there is no nicer feeling than going to bed on a pillow that says “I love you Dad.”

10) Make a photo collage for his desk or draw a picture of you and your Dad.             

Top Ten Gifts for Him for the Holidays -- Personality Profiling for Gift Giving

It’s that time of year again, and we woman are shopping for gifts for the men in our lives; husbands, boyfriends, sons, co-workers. Sometimes shopping for men is easy; they need shirts, they want video games, they love golf, etc. Sometimes it’s a bit harder. You ask “What would you like for Christmas?” The response “I don’t know?” or better yet “I don’t need anything.” You are left with no guidance and the clock is ticking. Not to worry. If you the “type” of man you’re buying for, we know the “type” of gift he’ll love.

The Sportsmen: Personalized flask –

The Sophisticate: Engraved Cufflinks –

The Dad: Personalized Money Clips –

The Outdoorsmen: Decent Umbrella –

The Culinary Lover: Wine of the month club –

The Workaholic: Coffee of the month club –

The Lover: panty of the month club

The Man’s man: Specialty Gourmet Steaks/Seafood –

The Retiree: Magazine Subscriptions –

The Geek squad: Electronics. – apple of course            

Return Policy

We aim to make our customers happy and hence we’ve tried to institute a return policy that is user friendly. We’ll accept returns for anything that hasn’t been personalized/engraved. We hope that you understand that if you have something personalized, we wouldn’t be able to restock and then resell the item.  So, if you opt for engraving/personalization, the item is yours. If you don’t personalize/engrave, we’ll take the product back - no questions asked for 60 days from the time of delivery. 

History of the Money Clip

With a little thought, one can deduce that the history of the money clip is clearly aligned with the history of money.  Therefore, prior to paper currency, there were no money clips.   History of Paper Money Paper money was originally used for two different purposes.

Drafts:   If you gave someone something to hold, they would give you a paper receipt until which time you came back, showed the receipt and got your merchandise, and

Bills:  If someone gave you a promise to give you something later they would right you a note or a bill which was worth what they wrote on the note.

Ancient Iraq – Mesopotamia (323 – 126 BC) & Ptolemaic Egypt (305BC – 30BC); Drafts were used so that they could store grain.  The “drachma” was a weight of grain.   

Ancient Japan - Yayoi period (500 BC to 300AD); with the emergence of wet rice farming came the need to store the rice.  When rice was stored, the person was given a receipt or a draft.  The unit of measurement in Japan was the Koku – weight of rice that would feed one person for one year.

Bills or Notes and the use of money as we know it, as a currency, was developed by China (the year 960ac) due to a shortage of copper.  Since there was no metal to make the coins, they used paper as their currency -- Jiaozi.    Interestingly enough prior to the shortage people would wear their money on necklaces.   The wealthier you were, the heavier the chain.    This became physically uncomfortable and problematic, so the Chinese developed a system where they could leave their coins with a person of trust in return for a paper note.  They could get their money back by showing the note at a later time.  In 1455, the Ming Dynasty discontinued the use of paper money.  It is thought that a similar system was used in India where the currency was hundi.   

The next emergency of paper money was in Europe in the Netherlands in during the Spanish siege of 1574, residents made paper currency out of covers and paper from hymnals and church missals.  As for the United States, the first notes were issued in the early 1690s, by the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  By the early 1700 each of the 13 colonies had their own banknotes – colonial scrip.  Then in 1775, in order to fund the revolutionary war, the continental congress issued continental currency.  Though the currency proved useless because it wasn’t tied to the price of gold or silver, it was the first universal currency use in the United States.  Later in 1816, England introduced currency that was assigned value with the introduction of the gold standard.  The US adopted the standard in 1900.  In 1971, President Nixon abandoned the gold standard and we’ve been living in a world of “floating currency” ever since.

The invention of the money clip came about the same time as the invention of  paper currency.  Once paper currency was used, there became the need to secure it.  There were many ways and devices to secure coins, and likely at first these were used for paper money as well; chests, bags, chains.

However, over time, it is thought that the money clip was also used as a fastener.  This being the case, it is not a stretch to imagine kings, pharaohs and emperors of past were amongst the first users of the fastener.  Since paper money was used in Egypt during the Ptolemaic period it’s likely that Alexander the Great and Cleopatra’s Marc Antony were among the first money clip carriers.  These money clips would have been made of gold and precious metals and adorned with innate jewels - the earliest silver and gold money clips.  

Next in China the Emperors of the Song and Yuan Dynasties would have needed a way to fasten their belongings.  So, the legendary Kublai Khan was likely a money clip man.  He introduced the currency Chao to his region.  

Moving to Europe, in the Netherlands war to defeat the Spanish, the leader of the rebellion William the Silent, Prince of Orange would have used the currency to feed his people.  His money clip would have been made of leather.  We would say he would be amongst the first holders of the leather money clip. In the United States, money clips have been a staple under the men’s accessory category since the early 1900’s.  Always there, yet like with any clothing items, riding the current fashion trends. 

Today there many styles and types of money clips including different metals and materials that they are made from.  Money clips are given as both corporate and personal gifts because they can easily be engraved and made as personal or impersonal as needed.  They can also be an extension of one’s personality or used to show affection or affiliation with an affinity group such as sports teams or military units.   Below is a photo of some of early money clips dating as far back as the 1800’s.

We often see a very simple word - money clips - spelt incorrectly.  Here are some of the funny and not so uncommon mis-spellings:

3) Money Clup or Money Clups:

believe it or not many people incorrectly spell money clip this way because the i and the u are next to each other on a traditional keyboard.  Solution:  Be careful.
4) Moneyclup or moneyclup:  This is actually a double error.  The first error is made when it is assumed money clip is one word.  The second error is made when the u is accidently hit vs the i.  Solution:  Buy two so that you won't have to spell the word very often.  Crack myself up sometimes.

About Crazy 4 Money Clips


Crazy4MoneyClips is an Atlanta based company that was founded in 2009. It’s founders are serial entrepreneurs, who happen to think that the money clip is a better way to carry money and credit cards than a typical wallet.Individual and personal the money clip provides many advantages to the traditional wallet.

Safety – Because it’s slimmer and fits better in the pocket it’s less visible to thieves. A wallet is more likely to be taken due to its size and imprint it leaves on your pocket.  

Weight – it’s lightweight and easier to carry than the traditional wallet.   Easy

Access – it’s easier to access cash. You won’t be found rummaging around inside the wallet - which ultimately makes you look more professional and more in control of your assets.  

Versatile – because they are relatively inexpensive, most money clip carriers have more than one money clip giving them the ability to change money clips often.

Customizable – money clips are customizable so they suit your taste.

Currently Crazy4MoneyClips offers over 100 money clip products. This list continues to grow as new and unique money clips are introduced into the market. Money clip materials include, but are not limited to, stainless steel, leather, leatherette, titanium, silver and gold alloys.
To contact Crazy4MoneyClips you can visit the contact us section, their facebook page – Crazy4MoneyClips, their twitter account Crazy4Money Clips or email them at



Money Clip Crazy?

So you're crazy 4 money clips?  We are too.  So crazy that we offer FREE SHIPPING and 24 hour customer support.  


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A message from Bill Wilson - Owner of Crazy 4 Money Clips.

Hi All,  I'm glad you have found our web site Crazy 4 Money Clips and hope that you will order one of our money clips on this visit or when need arises in the future.  We are a small american based business competing with the Amazon's and Ebay's of the world for your money clip purchase.  The only way we can do that effectively is to listen to our customers so feel free to email us with ideas, issues or feedback.  We aim to continually improve and to continually bring you the best selection of money clips possible.  

At the moment we have just under 150 money clips most are silver and made of stainless steel.  We get asked why not sterling silver or 10K gold money clips?  In our expereince, these metals are too soft for a money clip - unless intended only for special occasion use.   Most men money clip carriers, however, carry them daily and precious metals don't hold up to daily routine like stainless steel.  Also, a stainless steel money clip will not corrode whereas a silver money clip will tarnish over time.  It is a rare man who will polish it money clip.

We do carry a selection of titanium money clips if you are interested in a precious metal money clip.  Titanium is very strong and will not corrode.  However, it's so strong and durable that it is difficult to engrave on.  In fact, engraving on titanium is more of a surface scratch than a deep cut.  We will engrave on titanium if you wish, but we do not recommend it.

I became a money clip carrier years ago after being held up at gunpoint for my wallet.  Life is too short.  After this incident, I looked for little things that I could do to NOT become a target of theft.  A money clip is so small that you can't really see it in the pocket and it's harder for theives to pick your pocket.  I've been a money clip carrier ever since.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Bill Wilson
Owner and Founder
Crazy 4 Money Clips