AWS App Runner To Help Speed Up App Deployments

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a managed service of Amazon Web Services, has launched AWS App Runner managed services to help developers quickly deploy containerized apps.
App Runner aims streamline the steps needed to deploy container images. Martin Beeby, AWS principal advocate, explained the launch in a blog post.
Beeby wrote that AWS App Runner makes it easy to deploy web apps and APIs into the cloud. This is true regardless of the language they were written in. It also makes it easy for teams with no prior experience managing containers or infrastructure. “AWS App Runner is equipped with best practices in security and operational operations. It can scale up or down automatically at a moment’s notice. There are no cold starts to worry about.
App Runner claims that developers don’t need to have extensive knowledge in containers, networking, load balancing, or server configuration to deploy apps. It automatically scales according to traffic. It promises high availability, low latency, and security and best practices protocols.
AWS also collaborated with some of its partners in App Runner’s expansion. Beeby’s post highlighted offerings from MongoDB and Datadog, Pulumi. Sysdig, Trek10.
Justin Garrison, senior AWS advocate, provides a detailed walkthrough of AppRunner in this blog post. The service charges per usage. App Runner
Beeby explained that you only pay for the memory and compute resources used by your app. App Runner is the only thing you are charged for.
You can quickly pause the application and restart it while it is still running.
You can find more information on the App Runner page.

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