AWS, Azure, and Google Jockey for Positions Among Job Seekers & Employers

Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform has recently made inroads against Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform(GCP) in terms job availability and interest.
This is one of the conclusions of a new cloud-centric jobs survey by It covers the four-year period from October 2015 to October 2019. The report shows continued, albeit slowing, growth in both supply and demand. However, there have been some interesting changes recently. An article on January 21 about cloud jobs data shows Azure making recent moves on both sides in job searches/job postings.
According to Indeed, “In the four-year period from October 2015 through October 2019, the percentage change of job seeker searches increased for all three: AWS was up by 157.77%, Azure by 130.41% and Google Cloud by 908.75%.” The most recent year however tells a different story. This is when searches for AWS and Google Cloud dropped by 9.22 percent and 5.5%, respectively, while interest in Azure for job seekers rose by 15.39%.
On the other hand, “The percentage change of job postings is comparable to that of job search. All three providers saw growth between October 2015 and October 2019. AWS saw a rise in job postings by 232.06%, Azure by 302.47%, and Google Cloud saw the largest jump at 1,337.05 percentage. Between 2018 and 2019, AWS saw a 21.07 percent increase in job postings, Azure saw a rise of 30.59 percent, and Google Cloud saw a 40.87 percent increase.
Employers may hire for specific platforms, but they will also look for people who are skilled in AWS and Python, Azure, Java, or any combination thereof.
The post stated that while four of the top five most in-demand skills are identical for each platform, each listing has a different skill. “Indeed data shows that AWS job openings require candidates who are skilled in Linux, Azure jobs require SQL talent, and Google Cloud requires Google Cloud Platform expertise.”
The power of the No. AWS is the No. 1 platform. Its skills are highly valued. AWS is the No. 1 platform, but GCP is also a surprise. AWS is the No. 1 choice for Azure. AWS is the second most in-demand skill after Azure.
Indeed acknowledged a recent dip of job seeker activity but described the overall cloud computing job market’s outlook as “bright”.
The post concluded that “having your head in the clouds isn’t so bad.” “The cloud computing industry has proven to be more than a temporary trend as companies shift from hardware-heavy systems and remote cloud servers. Our data supports this (alongside the continuing revenue growth of top cloud providers). With less job seekers interested and higher employer demand, it’s a great time to start a cloud computing career.

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