Black Stone Inlay Silver Money Clip

Money Clip DetailsBlack Stone Inlay Silver Money ClipPrice$36.79Quantity:Add Engraving to Cart: 9.99What to engrave (max 10 char): Select Font (VC): Century BlockOld English Roman BlockSimple Block Simple ScriptVictoriaInterlocking Mono (3 initials)Circle Mono (3 initials)Roman Mono (3 initials)Diamond 3 Mono (3 initials)ParisianUniversityWedding ScriptHelveticaAdd Gift Wrapping to Cart: 5.00Product Description This money clip features a prominently displayed black inlay and is made of sturdy stainless steel. Stainless steel is an ideal metal for a money clip because it is sturdy yet can still be engraved. A stainless steel money clip will not tarnish nor will the engraving fade over time. It is a perfect clip for engraving. For ideas on what to engrave, please see our engraved money clip tab. Also, remember once you engrave it, it will likely become an heirloom. Gift wrapping is also available.
Product Specifications Weight: ~ 0.75 ounces Dimensions: ~ 2.15″x.25″x1.0″ Product Options Engraving up to 10 characters Gift Wrapping How to Engrave Initials (Monogram) Remember to put the first Initial of the last name in the middle. ExampleRobert Franklin Jones = RJF

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