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Below are details about the different certifications, approaches, methods, and training options for project management.
Are you looking for low-cost and free project management training? Click here to access my free guide to the best training courses at a reasonable price. All of these courses have been personally tested and are highly recommended.
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To find the right project management training course, use the quiz below. This quiz includes links to products that I have used and can highly recommend. If you decide to purchase any of the training courses that I have recommended, you may be eligible for a small commission (it does not cost you anything extra).
Study with Me
Masterclass in Stakeholder Management
Stakeholder engagement and communication skills are essential for ensuring everyone is happy and projects get done.
Stakeholder engagement can be taught. You can access my Stakeholder Manager Masterclass to learn more! It is an online course that you can self-pace. Includes templates.
Learn more and enroll here.
Better Project Status Reports
Although it’s not the most glamorous aspect of project management, we must report on status. Too many project status reports are not read, leaving project teams in limbo and unable to make decisions.
My online training course on status reporting will ensure that your reports are read and taken into consideration. This will allow you to keep the project moving. Includes templates.
Learn more and enroll here.
Mentoring is a great option if a formal course doesn’t suit you or doesn’t cover what you are interested in. Mentoring is a great way to enhance your skills, whether you are part of a group mentoring program like Project Management Rebels or one-on-one mentoring (with me or anyone else),

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