How to Estimate Projects if You Don’t Know the Requirements DPM Roundtable

Clients need numbers before they hire your agency. But how do you estimate projects if you don’t have the requirements? No matter what, clients will need to know how much and how long a project will take. How can you give a precise estimate if there is no information about the project? What if the requirements are not complete? You’ll find them along the journey.
It is tempting to think that estimating will be easier if you follow the Scrum framework and agile principles. Contrary to popular belief, trying to follow strict Scrum principles doesn’t give our agency the clarity clients desire when they whip out their chequebooks.
Members of the DPM community around the globe meet for a round table discussion to discuss how they approach estimation. We discuss solutions to the common question we all ask digital project managers:
How can you get an accurate estimate when not all requirements have been defined?
We also address a few additional questions regarding project estimation, such as:
How do you handle any changes to the original project estimate
What is analogous estimation? (We will discuss an analogous example of estimating)
How do you communicate your project costs to clients in agile or scrum?
Do agencies have to charge for project discovery
How can you manage all the unknowns in project estimation? (Hint, a solid requirement gathering process has a lot of to do with it.
You can watch the video here and leave your comments. We referred to several of our DPM experts in the round table. Links to these resources are below.
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Watch the DPM Roundtable

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