How to prepare and pass the Microsoft 98-382 Exam. Is the MTA 98-382 Practice Test really helpful?

Javascript is a popular programming language in today’s world. It has many applications, including automation and UI design. The Microsoft Introduction to Programming using JavaScript 98-382 certification exam will be beneficial for those who wish to acquire a basic knowledge of JavaScript. The Microsoft 98-382 exam measures an applicant’s ability to use ECMAScript v5, specifically JavaScript.
Overview of Microsoft 98-382 Exam
Microsoft 98-382 Exam Details
Name: Introduction to Programming with JavaScript

Code: 98-382

Language(s): English (French, German), Japanese, Korean (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese, (Brazil), and Spanish

Passing Score: 700 /1000

Total Questions: 40-60

Time Duration: 45 minutes


Price: $127

Microsoft 98-382 certified professionals can:
JavaScript programs can be read, interpreted and written

Having a deep understanding of JS data types and functions, keywords, operators and methods.

Analyze and perform decisions and loops

Communicate with the DOM or HTML forms

Why is the MTA-Introduction to Programming with JavaScript Certification so popular?
JavaScript is a powerful programming language that supports multi-paradigms and object-oriented, functional and compelling programming styles. It is a client-side programming language that allows you to create interactive effects between web browsers. Here are some benefits of passing the MTA 98-382 exam to earn MTA – Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript certification.
Personal development – You will learn new skills.

A Microsoft certificate can be a great motivator. It gives you the drive to learn.

You are given clear guidelines to help you learn; there aren’t thousands of things that distract you from learning.

It is a great way to increase your professional and knowledge.

A Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) – Introduction to Programming using JavaScript certification will enhance your professional profile, resume, and social media profiles.

Microsoft JavaScript certification is essential for enhancing your strengths and propelling you career forward.

Microsoft certification will allow you to validate and authenticate professional skills.

When applying for a job that is more suitable or a salary you desire, you have a valid argument.

How to prepare for Exam 98-382 Introduction To Programming Using JavaScript
1. Learn the Exam Content
Before you begin your exam preparation, ensure that you are familiar with the MTA 98-382 exam. It evaluates the skills expected and the central concepts tested. This will allow you to cover the topics before taking the exam.
Five major domains are included in the MTA 98-382 exam objectives:
JavaScript Operators, Methods and Keywords (20-25%)

Program with Variables and Data Types (25-30%)

Implement and analyze decisions and loops (20-25%)

Interact with the Document Objet Model (15-20%)

Interact with HTML Forms (5-10%)

2. Find the right study resources
If you don’t learn from the right resources, it will not be of any benefit. You can learn the necessary skills for the exam and your professional life by using valid study resources like eBooks, Instructor-led courses, and MTA 98-382 practice tests.
3. Revise Proactively
Although it is unlikely that you will recall everything you have learned, revising is a great way to review what you have learned. It is a great idea to revise while taking notes. This will make it easier to remember.
4. Use MTA 98-382 Practice test
It is important to not only learn the topics but also to score well. You will need to test your knowledge before taking the actual exam. Many websites offer MTA98-382 practice exams. MTA 98-382 practice exams are based on the actual exam structure. These practice tests will boost your confidence before you take the actual exam. You won’t feel stressed while taking the actual exam. is the best site to practice for MTA certification exams.
5. Manage Your Time
You have a maximum time limit for the exam, so you must complete all questions within that time. This test is about time management. Many applicants fail this test not because they did not prepare well but because they ran out of time. Take as little time as you can to answer MTA JavaScript exam questions. First, answer the MTA JavaScript questions. Then, move on to the more difficult questions. This will save you time.
6. Actively participate in a Microsoft Community
Joining study groups is a great way to increase your knowledge. You will also find experts who share tips and tricks on how to prepare for the Microsoft Microsoft 98-382 exam.

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