HPExpertOne: A Balanced Approach that Deserves a Closer Exam

Many IT professionals and beginners alike overlook HP’s ExpertOne certification program when considering their certification options. It is highly sought-after, with over 500000 certified holders worldwide, HP’s ExpertOne certification program is well worth a closer look if your goal is to make a smart IT career.
The Approach
A few years ago, HP restructured their certification program with the goal of finding a middle ground between vendor-focused certifications as well as providing their candidates with a wider view of the certification areas (think something like CompTIA and Cisco certifications). It makes sense, given the vast array of technologies and solutions HP offers, as well the talent and expertise that this Silicon Valley giant has to offer.
Employers value their certifications for their company’s reputation, as well as the fact that HP doesn’t completely base its certifications and study programs on their technology. This broad view means that a certification holder will gain solid knowledge in their field, but not enough to be able to apply for their next job. Imagine yourself investing in Cisco certifications and then choosing to work for a company that relies upon Juniper network equipment. Unthinkable, right? That’s what HP seems to be trying to avoid. HP places a special emphasis on technology and offers workshops and other stuff for employees and partners. However, they keep IT professionals’ options open.
The Areas
The HPExpertOne certification areas cover a wide range of HP technologies.
Converged Infrastructure
Desktops and Workstations
Operating Systems
Printing & Multifunction
Pathways to Certification
The HPExpertOne certification paths are fairly standard. There are 4 levels that cover a wide range of skills. Each career certification is aligned to a specific job role, including but not limited to architect, integrator/implementer, administrator and hardware or software support.
Associate – These academic certifications introduce business and technical skills that cover a wide range of HP solutions. They are targeted at anyone interested in pursuing a career as an IT professional. The credential brand is HP Accredited Tech Associate, or HP ATA.
The Professional – Technical certifications provide the foundational skills required for HP’s small- to medium-sized business and mid-market solutions. These skills include designing HP solutions, configuring HP technology, as well as supporting and maintaining the solutions once they have been installed. Certifications are available in storage, server, or networking technologies. The credential brand is HP Accredited Tech Professional, or HP ATP.
Expert – Advanced technical certifications which provide deep technical skills that focus on complex enterprise HP technologies. These skills include designing global solutions, configuring and implementing efficient and effective IT deployments and managing and supporting them in a heterogeneous environment. Certifications include but are not limited to Cloud, Converged Infrastructure/advanced data center, Storage, Servers and Networking. The credential brand is HP Accredited Solution Expert, or HP ASE.
Master – This certification is the highest level and combines business acumen with technical skills in advanced HP solutions. These skills include aligning the IT solution with an organization’s financial goals and designing and implementing complex solutions using all aspects of HP technology and portfolio capabilities. Cloud, Co-certifications are available.

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