Proper Monograms - The Right Way to Engrave Initials


With a Monogram the middle initial is larger and it represents the first initial of the last name.  In order to get a Monogram, you MUST select a Monogram font and you MUST remember to put the first initial of the last name in the middle when making your request.  What you put in our system is exactly what will be engraved.

Monogram Example:  Robert Franklin Jones = RJ
Monogram ERROR: If you do not select a Monogram font and want a Monogram, the Monogram will look like this RJF


If you do not want a monogram, but initials just enter the initials as you want them  and DO NOT select a Monogram font.

Initials Example:  Robert Franklin Jones  = RFJ
Initals ERROR: If you in error select a monogram font and want initials, it will look like this RFJ