Worlds Best Leather Money Clips

Leather Money Clips are elegant, durable, and a good value for your money.  The term leather refers to skin of an animal.  Therefore, there are many different types of leather; kangaroo skin leather, deer leather, bison, ostrich, stingray, alligator, and snake.  However, most leather is made from cattle, hence it is cattle that we think of when we hear the word leather.   A byproduct of the meat industry the skin and rawhides are taken from the cattle and put through a tanning process to form what we think of as leather.  Since leather is a durable and can be colored and styled easily, it makes a good material for a money clip.   With animal activists boycotting leather due to the mistreatment of animals, synthetic leathers or pho-leathers provide an alternative to a genuine leather article.  The synthetic leathers tend to be less expensive than genuine leather because the are made of products readily available.