How much money can a money clip hold?

Ever wonder the capacity of a money clip?  Well, after we’ve received dozens of inquiries about the actual capacity of a money clip, we got wads of bills, lined up the clips and began to access which ones had the greatest holding capacity.  Here’s what we found.

Most of the clips can easily hold about 20 bills.  If each of your bills was a $100 (should we all be so lucky), you would be carrying $2000 in cash in your money clip.  I’d say as a rule of thumb money clip capacity is around 20 bills. 

Having said that, there are some nuances.  Double sided money clips carry double or can carry 20 bills on each side bringing the total to 40 bills.  If you are lucky enough to have 40 $100 bills, you would be carrying $4000 in cash.

The hinged money clips can carry up to 30 bills, bringing your pocket total to $3000 if each bill was a $20. So, if you are every wondering how much money can a money clip clip?  Answer 20 bills.