Crazy4MoneyClips Launches Site Focused Solely on the Money Clip

As of October 1st 2009, there is a new place online to purchase money clips - . This Crazy4 Store launched and now provides over one hundred different types of money clips to consumers. Offering leather money clips, silver money clips, gold money clips, money clip and credit card holders, money clip wallets, and diamond money clips, they provide one of the largest (if not the largest) selections of money clips in North America. Focusing just on the money clip they are able to ensure product line is extensive and complete. They also offer engraving services so that the money clip is uniquely personalized, making it a great professional or personal gift. 
When asked why they decided to build a business based solely around the money clip, the company owners indicated that money clips was just the beginning. “You have to start somewhere. One night as we were talking about where to start, we had to pay for something and I pulled my money clip out of my pocket, low and behold – we focused on the money clip.” says co-founder. They vision is to expand into other product lines as soon as feasible.   “The great thing about the money clip is that it’s versatile. It can be a great gift for someone you work with or it can be an intimate gift for that someone special. After all, it will be carried around in their back pocket daily. How much more personal can you get?”
As far as timing, the goal was to get the company launched with ample inventory supply prior to the holiday ordering period.   They also wanted to make sure that they had multiple pricing options available for customers. If the purchaser is on a budget this holiday season, they wanted to provide money clips that would be affordable but still of good quality. They also wanted to have options that would allow customers to feel extravagant.  

To learn more about money clips and to see the extensive offerings that are available, visit

Crazy4MoneyClips is an Atlanta, GA based company offering unique personalized money clips. With hundreds of money clips available, they are one of the largest, if not the largest, retailer of money clips in North America. They offer a personalization services as well as a gift wrapping service. Their products include, but are not limited too; leather money clips, silver money clips, money clip and credit card holders, money clip wallets, gold money clips, diamond money clips, leather money clips and other unique money clip products. 
Company Name:
Contact: Billy Wilson
Email: Bill@Crazy4Store
Phone: 404-502-5567