Save Money and Delight Mom this Mothers Day, Inexpensive Gift Ideas from Crazy4MoneyClips

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you’ve yet to get that perfect gift for mom.  You immediately think of all the great expensive things you could purchase that would make her smile, but guess what?  Moms really don’t want you to spend all of your hard earned money on them.  Moms just want to feel loved by the people they love the most.   Delight your mom and don’t spend all of your savings with these top ten inexpensive gift ideas. develops savings tips to help keep peoples money in their money clips.  

1) Try a homemade breakfast in bed vs. an expensive brunch out.
  You may find she appreciates not getting dressed up.  You will find you have more quality time without waiters hovering and other patrons sitting only a few feet away.  You won’t have to rush and you can cook only things that she likes the way she likes them.

2) Homemade jewelry
– Rather than buying jewelry which can be expensive even at the low end of the market.  Make a pendent.  Get a leather string and visit a bead store and make your mom something special.  This is only one idea.  There are lots of craft kits and jewelry making options.  

3) Do the chores. 
On Saturday prior to Mother’s Day, have the family due a spring cleaning.  Maybe Mom can supervise rather than do the heavy lifting.  This time of year many Mom’s are dreading having to deep clean the home.  Yet, once it’s done everyone appreciates the hard work and effort.  This year have everyone pitch in and have the house spic and span before she’s even had time to worry about it.

4)  Massage.  Massages can be a bit pricy so have the whole family chip in and send your mom to a spa for the day.  If everyone contributes the price per person goes down, yet mom gets a nice treat.   If you are not sure what services she would want, you can purchase a gift certificate.

5) Don't Wait, Buy Early: The best way to save money on Mother’s day is to purchase your gift when you find it during the year and not wait till the last minute.  If your mom like’s collectibles, certain brands, jewelry, purchase it off season and keep it till Mother’s day.  

6) Sending flowers?  Grow them and hand deliver.  Seeds cost about $1.50 whereas florists can be many times that much.  It’s a bit harder if you don’t live in the same location.  In this case, have your Dad run out and get fresh flowers locally vs. sending through a florist.  You will still save bundles.

7) Plant a tree.  If you have the yard for it, plant a tree.  Your mom will think of you every time she looks at the tree and you’ll all remember when you planted it.  Get a tree that blooms flowers every spring and you will be sure to bring many smiles to her face.

8)  Be There.
  If you don’t spend lots of time with your mom, give the gift of you.  In order to keep the date inexpensive, perhaps you window shop and then make a picnic.   Do some of the things that you remember her doing with you when you were little.   If it’s a beautiful day, go to the zoo, or a park with coffees.

9)  Make a memory book.
  Scan family photo’s and use an online service like Kodak or Shutterfly to make an album just for Mom.  She will cherish it.  If possible include some text that will make her smile – poems, notes, memories.  Things that you all have shared over the years.

10)  Homemade gifts – If you have young children, have them put handprints on a t-shirt or a hat or a memory box.  Make mom something that the children (or grandchildren) have been involved in making.  If you are looking for something really easy, a framed photo that they’ve drawn especially for Mom.

Gift ideas and tips by, helping you save money and keep your money in your money clip.

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