McDonalds, My Dad and Father’s Day

Well, over the years there’s been much controversy and discussion surrounding McDonalds food quality, the fattening of America and the like. I’m writing with a different point of view. I’m writing this because to me McDonalds has been a lifelong friend.  To a kid who moved a lot seeing the golden arches was kind of close to being home. 

I still remember the first times my Dad took me to a McDonalds.  I was little and you drove through and you ate in the car.  At the time, they were strictly a takeout place.  He’d order me a happy meal and then order himself a couple of cheeseburgers and a large fry.  He’d whip out his money clip and wad of cash, pay the smiling teller, and we’d go park and eat.  I remember this so clearly.  How rich I felt.  How safe.  How happy.  Not many brands can claim to provide the kind of warmth and safety that I felt eating burgers in our car. 

Now, it wasn’t always me and my dad.  Mostly, it was the whole family and we’d have a special dinner night out (at my bequest) to my favorite restaurant with the golden arches.  I was heartbroken, at first, when they built the restaurant inside and for awhile even though we could go inside, I made everyone eat in the car.  Eventually, I got over my resistance to entering the establishment and we became inside eaters as well as the fast food grab and run type.  
As I got older, McDonalds was there for me.  Whether traveling internationally, or celebrating life’s happy moments or on occasion helping me to wipe away the tears.  Nothing takes heartbreak away like a cheeseburger and fries.  Before prom, I snuck out to calm my nerves with my arched friend. When I got all A’s on my report card - something that I was really proud of - I’d treat myself to a cheeseburger.  When I was mad at friends, relatives or the world, McDonalds would always welcome me with open arms.   You get the picture, McDonalds is a lot more than a hamburger joint to me. 

Well, my dad’s older now, retired and I was wondering what to get him for father’s day, when it came to me.  I’m getting him a money clip filled with gift certificates from McDonalds.  I love you Dad.  Thank you McDonalds.


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