Top Ten (OK 18) Tips to Save Money While Gardening

By popular demand, here is a summary of our top tips to save money while gardening.  As always, if you are looking for more details about each of these tips you can find them under our money savings tips blog at our website

1)    Buy plants on clearance; save their life.
2)    Forgo Lawn Chemicals
3)     Maintain your own Lawn
4)    Try Cutting Your Own Grass
5)     Outside Water Meter for Sprinkling Only
6)    Don’t Pay for Public Property
7)     Stuff See what Free Stuff your County Offers
8)    Erosion may be a County Problem
9)    Grow Your Own Spices
10)    Invest in a Soaker Hose
11)     Plant Trees for Shade
12)    Plant Perennials
13)    Use Ground Covers Instead of Mulch
14)    Give Plants  as Gifts
15)    Grow Vegetables
16)    Grow spices
17)    Find some fellow gardeners and share seeds
18)    Learn to love the many uses of vinegar

More detailed information on each of these tips can be found on the blog at   The money clip web site’s blog is designed to help you keep your money in your pocket.  

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