Platinum Money Clips

Platinum is actually more rare than silver or gold, hence price of platinum is on the high end. Platinum jewelry usually consists of 90% or more platinum making it a good selection for people who are allergic to certain metals. Platinum in its pure form is hypoallergenic. Platinum is a silvery white durable metal so makes a strong appealing money clip. Platinum is a heavy metal so the weight of a platinum money clip will be a bit heavier than other money clips. Since money clips are small to begin with, this should not be an issue for those interested in buying a platinum money clip.

We lost our platinum money clip supplier and have not found another supplier to offer us a price which we feel is fair to the consumer.  Because we try to offer value product, while we are in negotiations to secure a new vendor, we hope that you'll take a look at our Titanium Money Clips or our Stainless Steel Money Clips