re:Invent 2016, AWS Makes Virtual Private Servers Simpler with Lightsail Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), announced that developers can create virtual private servers (VPSs) using the new Amazon Lightsail. This was revealed at the company’s ongoing re-Invent 2016 conference. The company stated that developers can jumpstart AWS projects using VPS with just a few clicks by clicking configuration options for compute storage, networking, and storage. These options are available in five pricing plans, ranging from $5 to $82 per month, depending on how much RAM, processing speed, SSD storage capacity, and data transfer allowances. The new offering supports Amazon Linux OSes and Ubuntu OSes. It also supports applications such as WordPress, Magento Drupal, Joomla! Redmine and Node.js; and computing stacks such as Node.js and GitLab, LAMP and MEAN, Nginx, and Redmine. Lightsail provides a quick and easy way to get started with AWS compute services. However, it also allows for flexibility for developers to connect to other AWS services like managed databases (RDS, DynamoDB), CloudFront content delivery network, S3 object storage, and many more. AWS spokesperson Jeff Barr stated that Lightsail was the best way to get started with AWS and jumpstart cloud projects. He also gave a clear path into the future. Lightsail is available to developers in the US East (Northern Virginia Region) for a free one-month trial. More information at re:Invent 2016.

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