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Worlds Best Silver Money Clips for MenSilver Money Clips can be made from many different metals: sterling, chrome, steel, titanium, platinum being the most common. Each has their advantages.Sterling Silver is a mixture of silver and other metals; silver being the primary component with 92.5% of the mixture containing pure silver. A pure silver mixture wouldn’t be a strong enough metal composite to make it durable enough for most products. Typically, silver is mixed with copper or zinc or platinum and renamed Sterling Silver. The weakness of Sterling silver is that it tarnishes and shows scratches. For some this is not an issue, just polish every so often and your money clip will look good as new. Silver is a precious metal and hence the price of these clips is generally a bit higher than a stainless steel money clip.The Stainless Steel Money Clip is perhaps the most common money clip and perhaps the best value. Stainless Steel is a steel alloy with a minimum of 11% chromium present. Depending on the amount of chromium the metal will be called either Stainless Steel or labled a chrome alloy. The chromium ensures that it does not stain corrode or rust. Hence it stains less than other steels and was appropriately named stainless steel. However, stainless steel is not stain proof. Since it is both strong and stain resistant it makes a great metal for a money clip. Stainless Steel can also be easily engraved. Since it is not a precious metal, the cost of a stainless steel money clip is usually less expensive than sterling silver or gold and is driven mostly by the craftsmanship of the money clip, or the cost of distribution. Another benefit of Stainless Steel is that different finishes can readily be applied allowing for many different money clip looks; polished, reflective, satin, matte to name a few.Titanium and Platinum are also silver in color and make good choices for a money clip, both of these metals are strong. Stronger than stainless. However, with the strengh it becomes increasingly difficult to engrave. They can be engraved, but not to the depth that a stainless steel money clip can be. Since they are more precious metals, the price of both titanium and platinum will be a bit higher typically than what you will find for stainless steel.See all our Silver Money Clips

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