About Crazy4MoneyClips.com

Crazy4MoneyClips is an Atlanta based company that was founded in 2009. It’s founders are serial entrepreneurs, who happen to think that the money clip is a better way to carry money and credit cards than a typical wallet.Individual and personal the money clip provides many advantages to the traditional wallet.

  1. Safety – Because it’s slimmer and fits better in the pocket it’s less visible to thieves. A wallet is more likely to be taken due to its size and imprint it leaves on your pocket.
  2. Weight – it’s lightweight and easier to carry than the traditional wallet.
  3. Easy Access – it’s easier to access cash. You won’t be found rummaging around inside the wallet - which ultimately makes you look more professional and more in control of your assets.
  4. Versatile – because they are relatively inexpensive, most money clip carriers have more than one money clip giving them the ability to change money clips often.
  5. Customizable – money clips are customizable so they suit your taste.
  6. Relatively inexpensive -- well, some are relatively inexpensive. We’ve aimed to have varying levels of price to satisfy all customers.

Currently Crazy4MoneyClips offers over 100 money clip products. This list continues to grow as new and unique money clips are introduced into the market. Money clip materials include, but are not limited to, stainless steel, leather, leatherette, titanium, silver and gold alloys.

To contact Crazy4MoneyClips you can visit the contact us section, their facebook page – Crazy4MoneyClips, their twitter account Crazy4Money Clips or email them at Info@Crazy4Store.com