Teach proof development skills with new automatically graded problems

It’s important to teach proofs in Math classes. However, it’s not as easy as giving a right or wrong answer. Writing proofs allows students to demonstrate their reasoning skills and construct logical arguments. These skills are crucial in STEM fields. Proofs are difficult to understand for students, as they are complex and require a lot of work.
Students must learn to think about Math conceptually, and not just as a set of steps. This is difficult because students often want a model to follow. Students must think and act logically, sometimes not knowing where to begin, what to do next, and when to stop.
Students face another obstacle: they lack practice opportunities and feedback. Instructors are unable to assign proof problems because they are very time-consuming to grade. Students must wait for feedback from their professors to see if they are on track. WebAssign is here to help.

Teach Proofs using Automatically Graded Proof Problems
WebAssign offers new assignable and automatically graded proof questions that help students gain confidence and learn how to proof develop in an online environment. Students gain a better understanding of the writing process through practice and instant feedback.
These new proof problems can be found in the following eTextbooks.
The 9th editions of Stewart/Clegg/Watson’s Calculus and Calculus: Early Transcendentals
Stewart/Kokoska’s Calculus Concepts and Contexts, 5e
Larson/Edwards’ Calculus, 12e
Epp’s Discrete Mathematical with Applications, 5e
Poole’s Linear Algebra: A Modern Introduction, 4e
Students learn how to write and structure formal mathematical proofs by working on these problems. They will choose the right proof strategies, create logical arguments, and recognize when the proof has been completed.
Students develop their proof development skills by working through simple to more complex proof exercises, such as:
Unscrambling statements in a proof with distractors
Proofs that contain errors
Filling in the blanks on proofs
Proofing paragraphs using dropdowns
You can continue to have students submit proof problems work using WebAssign’s “Show My Work” feature.

Available in WebAssign
These automatically graded proof questions can be added to your WebAssign course. For a complete list of proof problems, contact your local Cengage representative.

Are you ready to see the proof of problems in action?

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