Top Ten Credit Card Savings Tips from Crazy 4 Money Clips

Top Ten Credit Card Savings Tips from Crazy 4 Money Clips
A large percentage of consumers don’t understand how their credit cards work and what rules they must follow to incur 0 fees. Did you know you can actually put your credit card to work. Rather than paying late fees, interest charges, penalties, and thinking of your credit card as a necessary evil, put your card to work for you as part of your new cost saving strategy. As always, If you are looking for more details about each of these tips you can find them under our money savings tips blog at our website
1) Limit your number of credit cards – With Credit Cards, less is more.
2) Don’t Carry a Balance – Carrying a balance is the most expensive way to borrow cash – don’t do it.
3) Use Credit not Debit – Pay with Credit and use someone else’s money for the month vs. yours.
4) Don’t Pay Renewal Fee’s – Why pay a fee when you probably don’t have too.
5) Pay your Bills On time – Don’t get hit with a late fee.
6) Look at your Credit Card Statement – Make sure you weren’t double charged, charged for something you didn’t buy, and that you receive all credits from returns.
7) Get a Credit Card that gets you Stuff – As long as you are spending anyway, it never hurts to rack up a few points
8) Check your credit score – Better your credit score, the better rates and higher limits you should qualify for.
9) Don’t take a cash advance on your credit card – On cash advances you pay interest from the moment you take the advance. Very expensive. Don’t do it.
10) Don’t go over your credit limit – Again, if you do this, there will be penalty fees.
11) Be Careful of 0% interest teasers – There is no such thing as a free lunch and though free for a few months, typically it adjusts way up.
12) Set a Credit Card Budget – It helps to know your limits.
13) Consolidate Bills for Your Benefit – Simplify your life.
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